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Why do you... or don't you ...go to the gym?

I am trying to do something for me but I am worried the same old things will get in the way .... what stops you? What helps you?


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I don’t go to the gym because I’m a lazy and poor c**t

I don’t...
Plenty of reasons why
- no money
- kids
- time poor
- embarrassed as I wouldn’t know what to do
- I’d rather be outdoors
- I don’t feel I need to
- I don’t want to

I do ! I've met some awesome people that do some of the same classes I am in. I always feel better after going to a group class (moods) and it's something for me. I want to be better than I was, and that's my motivation.

I don't go to the gym as I'm not a gym person, BUT, Youtube your workout. There are thousands, for workout for beginners to experts in anything, cardio, stretching, HIT, yoga, weights etc, it free and you can follow along in the privacy of your own home, no judgment.

 Yes! I sit and do 'Neck & Shoulder Pain Relief Exercises & Yoga Stretches Jen Hilman' with a cup of tea. I know it's not exercise but my neck and shoulders feel great after and it's only 20mins of a lil me time
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 Yes to Youtube, no fees, no feeling out of place, can do at home, whenever you want
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 On youtube I find a basic one and do what I can and work my way up to doing the workout like I should then move onto the next video. I'm extremely unfit and have aching muscles for days after each workout to prove it lol!
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I don't go to a gym because I can't afford to. But I do have a weight station at home and cardio is as free as a good walk. My husband and I do home workouts 3-4 times a week and during the school term I walk 20+kms a week just doing the school run. Often times weighted. I need to start jogging though. What motivates me is a) my husband takes the car to work with him; b) if I don't do the school run, these terrors- uh, I mean, these cherubs- get to/have to stay home under my feet all day; and c) if I do the home work outs, I get a break from cooking/cleaning/reading to the kids/every other shitting thing I do around this bastard house (every damn chore!). Plus, rage release! It's much more fun to imagining I'm bench pressing someone's head on a pike/or a giant dildo to slap people with.
Personally, I find if I hyper focus on it for a couple of weeks, it becomes a habit. And I'm just too stubborn to change my habits.

I like to go to the gym. I have a membership and this motivates me. But not losing weight or getting in shape after a long time is demotivating. So is having kids. And not allowing yourself time to get there. Also health issues stop me from time to time but I do try and get there all the same

I got for health reasons. Im still a little bit overweight but Im getting there and at least Im reducing my risk of diabetes, heart attack stroke etc.

I go to the gym. I'm not a fit girl or anything but it clears my mind. It's my me time and I go for about an hour 3x a week and I always walk out feeling fantastic.

I don’t because it’s too costly atm. I love walking and just do YouTube videos to tone (ab workout)

I don’t do the gym as I;d feel guilty with dropping my youngest at the creche.. I’ve happily done it in the past with the older ones but I’m just getting sentimental...or he’s quite tricky and I’m too stretched to deal with it right now. I also, have poor time management right now(probably because I’m stretched), so that’s preventing me from thinking about it seriously...though I would like to like you, I used to love gym

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I was never a fan of gyms but I ended up joining one about 15 months to lose a bit of weight and feel healthier. My fees are deducted from my bank account each fortnight and that’s enough inspiration for me to keep going if I feel a bit slack! I try to go at least 4 times a week usually straight after work 2 days and both weekend days. You really do feel good about yourself, it gets your endorphins going and it’s a nice bit of time away on your own. Since I started I’ve had lots of positive comments and that’s a good incentive too. Good luck!

The gym is not the only form of exercise. If the gym is not something you enjoy then find something you do. Swimming is my thing.

I'm fu****g lazy. The time and effort to get there, work out, then come home. Plus, I hate when I just want to go and have a good long walk on a treadmill and they are in use. I really don't care for the other stuff. I've tried the other equpment, I hate it, never know how to work them etc. which just lengthens my time that I need to be there. So I don't.

No gym. Cost & i'm not much of a joiner. I go for walks - lots of kms. I like being outside. Swimming. You tube, exercise videos. Any thing that's cheap really.

I love swimming and we have a life fitness elliptical machine at home. But I struggle to workout consistently because of adenomyosis pain.

 I have adenymosis and no pain
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 Good for you!? The op of this comment does have pain which is why she said she doesn’t work out
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 she said consistently, not that she doesn't work out at all.
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 Op of this comment: I glad that you don’t have pain with adenomyosis at the moment but it is a progressive disease and will get worse. It’s likely you will end up with pain.
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