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Which weight loss shakes tastes the best/worst?

by SAHM Staff Report

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Natures way strawberry is my favourite. I lost 30kgs using it. I like using it with a milkshake maker as it turns out like a thick shake and fills me up more.

I like the Aldi ones! Optifast aren't too bad either.
Atkins and fat blaster shakes are yucky.

Most are full of sugar anyway. Look up how much sugar you can have a day then look at how much are in those shakes.

Healthy Mummy smoothies! So delicious!! They are so far from being a shake - you add fruit/vegetables and so on. Wayyyy better for you, and not a fad that you can't stick to!

Special K ones r yummy. They have no artificial sweeteners.

For people that know about shakes - do they all contain dairy? Or if it's just powder how can you make one that tastes good without milk?

 Please also very interested? is their ones available that are gluten free?
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