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What does your hubby do in the house?

Mine doesn't cook or clean at all. He does spend time with the family in the afternoon and occasional pick up, takes youngest one day a week while I work, but rarely takes kid by himself, and not for long. Am I alone in this? We have no outside help either so we're both exhausted


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He gets up during the night and always has. he can get back to sleep instantly, I take forever. He has it easy now they are starting to sleep through. I am so pleased to get that decent sleep and don’t look like dog shit at work that I will wash, cook and clean for eternity. I am super organised so that helps.
I also love morning sex after a good sleep, we often do it on my yoga mat in front of a massive mirror when I do my morning stretches before the kids wake up. Win win.

 Eff me, I want your life !!!
Omg I would die to get that sleep.... it’s literally killed my life to go without sleep for years...

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 No wonder he's getting up to the kids, his wife is a morning sex loving yoga goddess that is meticulously organised and looks great from a good night's sleep. Lady, you're a freak. Write a motivational book and gimme a copy.
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My husband helps bathe toddler and get him to bed we share that task. He cooks dinner half the time...maybe and does some stuff occasionally outside. He will vacuum sometimes but only the rug. Also helps big boy with hwk occasionally. That's it! He starts projects l and finishes literally years later! is so messy and lazy sometimes I want to leave him as it stresses me out so much it makes my life so much harder. We work equal hours and he also gets to sleep at work so it's like he works part time. When he cooks i clean the kitchen. And clean when I cook I do all washing rubbish bathrooms toilets mop vacuum tidy finances appts and organise everyone's lives. Have to remind him of everything. When I'm at work he plays with and feeds toddler and does school run but rest of day he sleeps and plays computer. If i put on a load in dishwasher and washing machine before I go to work Its still there when i get home. The uneven workload is killing me

Does nothing to help, everything to hinder. He wont even tell me what he wants to eat, appariently its a guessing game, but somehow he's convinced me I'm lucky.

 I feel your pain. You're not alone. The only thing is miss is the income.
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 Hey I'm in the same goddamn boat!! It's fxcked !!
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We both work full time so we do half each. We both have a list of chores and each week we swap lists. When I first went back to work he would do outside and take the kids to the park so I could clean inside, I hated it. One morning I got up and did outside and went out with the kids and left him to do it all. Now we share it.

He looks after the kids all morning while I work till about 1
He works from 530-10/11

He does the bins every week
The garden and the compost
He cleans inside sometimes and will clean his own work cloths and hang clothes if I leave them to be hung- sometimes.
He makes tea every morning. And does anything needing drilling.
And he plays with the kids a lot, reads at bed time to the youngest while I read with the eldest. Hell do bath time more than not on his nights off. He does the washing up...

Sometimes I feel bad when I get up Hun about slacking off. and he guilt trips me sometimes saying. He does a lot... but when 60/40 or 70/30 goes on too long Iv learnt to stop feeling guilty telling him to help out more.

When I was a sham I expected very little of him, just the odd sleep in and tone to myself which he's always done.

No we both work I expect at least 70/30 share (at LEAST) he struggles really hard with depression.m so I let a lot slide otherwise it would be nothing less than 50/50

 I agree, it depends very much on whether you work and how many hours. If he is working hard 40 hours a week I dont think its unreasonable that the person at home does 90% of housework. (or vice versa if mum works) but depends on age of kids too, obviously babies are harder than school age.
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 ^ and also thats probably 40 hours work plus 5-10 hours commute so its actually even more.
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We have 3 kids - two at school. I work 3 days a week he works 6. I do washing, cleaning and meals. He does yard and looks after downstairs entertainment/bar area.

He gets the two eldest from after school care on the days I work, helps them with homework, gets them in the shower and puts something I've prepared in to cook so all I do when I get home is dish up so we can all eat together.

If I ask he will also hang/get in washing.

This works well for us. Particularly the days I work as he finishes work and is home by 3.30/4 but I don't finish and get home til after 6. If he didn't help out as much as he does on those days it would be a shit fight to get the kids to bed at a decent hour.

everytthing, he can cook, But I do that, he can clean, iron, washing, makes beds, he is so good, I am very lucky.

He’s very hand on with our daughter, he always got up in the night with her since she was born because i just can’t manage on little sleep. He gets up early with her and they have a couple of house together before I get up, then he goes to work, I have our daughter all day and she’s usually in bed when he gets home. Works well for us

 He does nothing around the house or garden though I make sure of tha, he does enough by letting me sleep!

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My does absolutely nothing. He is the most selfish and laziest excuse of a human being.

 This is sad, why’re u with him then?

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 We are in the midsts of separating! And I’m so glad I am after reading what other husbands do around the house.
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Cooks 90% of the time, takes care of outside, sometimes does the dishes and does the floors about 1/4 of the time. :)

Hubby cooks every night, looks after the yards and will do whatever I ask of him. I am very picky so I don't get him to do the laundry or put the groceries away

I’m a sahm studying and husband works 5-6 days a week. We have 2 kids both at school, he is gone in the morning so mornings are all me. He will look after the yards and after I cook he will rinse dishes. If I put a load of washing on he will hang them out. He helps make the beds and spends a lot of time in the afternoon with the kids on their bikes or skateboarding or on the trampoline. I take the bins in and out and pick up the dogs poo. He likes to build so is always working around the house to make it better,Usually when I am putting the kids to bed. I take the dogs for a walk with the kids. Usually i do all the cleaning inside the house.

Hubby cooks every night when not working (shift workers). He does the mowing & pool cleaning (most of the time) as well as the bathrooms (again most of the time). I do all the washing, tidying, dusting, vacuuming & steaming the tiles. In saying that, these aren’t hard & fast rules, we help each other out such as the other day we were both home so he did the bathrooms & dusting, whilst I vacuumed & steamed the tiles.

We have a new baby who he also settles during the night. He says I feed him so he’ll settle him which I’m grateful for.