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What's the funniest thing someone has said to you talking on a dating site?


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I had some dude tell me he loved me and wanted to marry me. Sadly he withdrew it really quickly when I told him that you can't get a visa or citizenship that easily. I was really disappointed he didn't want to marry me, I planned out the wedding and all.

 This is hilarious
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 Omg i had a random facebook msg from someone saying similar, that they love me and will wait for me? It was so weird, im married with 2 kids 😂😂😂 he looked like he was from another country- i didnt bother replying, just deleted the msg. Their countries are probs so fu***d theyll try anything to escape 😢
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Not really funny but i was talking to a guy for a little while and i thought he seemed pleasant/polite.. until he asked me to come over for a booty call - when I refused, & he offered to pay me! Omg! Lol

 Lol I had a couple similar. I had one just straight up offer me when I said I wanted more than sex. And then there was the one that offered me $500 a week to have sex with him 3 times a week, at first I thought it was a joke and pushed him up to $750 then I realised he was being dead serious. It's the weirdest thing.
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I had a guy ask who else was in my pics and if I can give him my sisters number haha

I got a message from some guy asking if I wanted 3 guys and going into great detail about what they would do.... literally had never heard from of spoke to this person before, that was his opening line! I promptly blocked him, I wonder if he ever had any luck with it!

I had lots of funny moments when I used dating sites. One that probably sticks out the most is when this guy and I had only just started messaging, like 2 or 3 messages between us then he started aaking why there was no airport coming up on google for the town I live in, and where he could stay if he came to my town. I was a bit freaked out and ignored him, he must have sensed it and said oh I just always wanted to see that area. I was basically in the desert in a really small town, the only tourists it attracted were ones going straight through to somewhere else lol. So probably not haha funny just mouth open funny. It literally went from small talk to that, no inbetween.