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Whats the most adventurous sexual things you have ever done ? Come on ladies no one knows who you are


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I had sex with a tour guide in Ireland. It was snowing outside and we went into this little pub to wait for it to stop. There were only 5 of us in the group. An elderly couple, a gay couple and myself. The tour guide was hot af. We hit it off and then we got to business in the cloak room. It was a good night.

 Isn't this a storyline from a movie? Lol
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 Is it? Well there you go, I've lived a movie. What movie is it? 😄 I feel special now!
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I gave my husband a head job while he was driving on one of the main highways in NSW. He pulled over just as he was about to come. The truck driver going past seemed to enjoy it.

We keep a sex toy in the glovebox, use it fairly regularly when we drive

 Fantastic idea!
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 No wonder there's so many car accidents on our roads!
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Fu***d my husbands best friend while my husband watched. Part of his hotwife fantasy - he was really hot and had split from his wife and hadn’t had sex for months. Hubby got to do me after his friend had finished. Gets me wet just thinking about it

An ex bf and and I had several threesomes with his room mate over 2 or 3 years. It wasnt an everyday thing but once or twice a month we would go at it.

I screwed it though by sleeping with him when my bf wasnt around. I honestly didnt think I was doing anything wrong. By this time he had screwed me countless times so I thought it was ok. My bf considered it cheating because he wasnt there and we broke up.

 Wow did you hook up with flat mate again?
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 No, I really wasnt interested in him romantically at all. He called me a couple times to talk about the break up and to apologize. But after a while we lost touch.
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I was on a camping trip with some friends when I was in my teens. One of the girls and i sat up late talking and having a drink. We started to kiss and slowly started to touch each other. We didn't go so far as to have oral sex, but just explored each other with our hands.

Up a mountain in the car is my most adventurous. Shower is also good ☺

Fu***d my fwb in a park at sunset (in some bushes though not just out in the open). Halfway through, a mini bus of tourists pulled up to check out the view (it was a lookout over the ocean). We kept going just really quietly lol. I think some of them figured it out when we emerged giggling from the shubbery, but I don't think they cared.

 What's fwb?
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 Fwb= friends with benefits.
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I breast feed grown men for a living and f#@k its hot

I'm bi and love eating pussy the other day on the bus I was talking to a girl on the bus and it got to a point we both new we were going to have fun she and i were the last on the bus we moved to the back seat and i licked her pussy so well the bus driver new what we were doing and parked the bus and joined in best experience I've had for a very long time

 So hot!!
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 Would love to know if the bus driver was a chic or guy?
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 Guy his c**k was only about 7 inches but it was still hot
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I had the most amazing sex out 4wding, got bogged big time and instead of trying to get the car out he went down on me and licked me then bent me over the bonnet and fu***d me hard. We where in our gumboots knee deep in mud.