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Do you have a set menu for dinner ?

Sun pizza
Mon soup
Tue pasta
Wed sausages and mash
Thur stew
Fri hot dogs
Sat maccas

Sun pies
Mon sausage sizzle
Tue veg with meat
Wed zucchini slice
Thurs toastie
Fri bacon eggs toast
Sat pizza
Sun frozen meal


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This menu would give my family scurvy.

 What’s scurvy?
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 ^Vitamin C deficiency
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 They might eat lots of fruit. Or maybe that's all their budget allows
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I cook 5 meals every night
Hubby loves meat
I am vegetarian
Master 3 has coeliac
Master 6 has autusim
Miss 5 is a bitch

 Oh man you’re the best mum out. Go you! ❤️ I wish I had the patience to do this.
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 Sometimes I freeze meals
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 Miss 5 is a bitch 😂😂😂 omg I can't breathe
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I write one at the start of the week so I can get everything I need in one shopping trip I do change it up every week I don't think I could serve the same menu week after week

You eat that week after week?

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 It’s a rather basic menu, what about fresh veggies!
Personally I feel this isn’t a menu that could sustain growing children, even adults for that matter

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 I agree, it’s a terrible menu for anyone let alone growing children.
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That menu is just non feasible to sustain. It is as boring as. My family would go nuts if I had that as a constant menu.

 I am not running a restaurant
I work 50 hours a week
Hubby works 70 hours a week
Kids are aged 3 and 6

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 I am a single Mum of 4 kids. I work full time and then do 5 nights casual and do 2-3 hrs a day as a carer for an elderly gentleman. I have to do all the chores and Mums taxi runs by myself. My work would be about 80 -90 hrs a week alone. I have no support from family to help me. Yet I still am able to cook a home cooked meal every night and have a large variety of healthy meals and options. I meal plan for a week or fortnight at a time and shop to that. But as I said... my family would go nuts with that.
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 Not the OP of this response, but.... so what? You do what works for you, and OP will do what works for her. And may neither of you look down on the other 👏
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 My husband and I work full time and have three kids. We still find time to cook a variety of healthy nutritious meals every night. It’s not hard.
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 OP isn’t doing what’s right for her, she’s doing what’s easiest for her and doing wrong for her kids. Some of her menu choices are ok now and then, but are not healthy week after week.
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 I think you’re all being quite rude really. She has shared her menu but why the need for so much criticism? What makes you all think you are doing a better job at parenting? Cos she hasn’t said what veg go into every meal and exactly how much? And how much her kids get during the day already. For all you critics know her ‘toasties’ could be homemade with eggplant and filled with vegetables. Everyone’s making a lot of assumptions here.
Time to jump down off your moral high horses

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 Something tells me this is the response OP was going for
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 Report Depends on kids ages My 3 year old going through a tin spag phase and 2 min noodles for tea Not same time she alternates Lunch she has a whole meal sandwich with butter and cheese or butter and vegrmite Don’t judge OP I know I woman who had an injury at work and couldn’t cook much for 6 weeks I cooked food once a week for her to freeze
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That is not very healthy at all. We have fresh healthy food, We are so lucky to have some much FRESH FOOD, seafood, beef, pork, chicken, veges, fruit, nuts, dairy here. Buy it, learn to cook. Its better and cheaper to cook from scratch, with fresh food.

 You have been 🎣
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 Wow aren’t you LUCKY to have all that food available. And you’re kids eat it all. You’ve truly been blessed then
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 I budget $20 per day for 2 adults and 2 kids
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 Good on you?
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Monday through to Friday is Hello Fresh.
Saturday is either take out, eat out or a friend's place.
Sunday is chicken tacos

We have homemade nuggets and schnitzel as back up with chips and steam veg.

 So do your kids eat hello fresh? And how old are they??
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 It does depend. Some hello fresh they won't eat and they can be for adult taste.
I use the nuggets as backup. I make them from chicken breast.
I also have fish fingers (my youngest doesn't like them) and ham which I put with macaroni cooked in chicken stock (my kids are a little odd). I don't feel guilty about it as my kids do eat fruit after dinner and will always have some veg with dinner.

My kids are 4 and 5.

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 Cool thanks, I’ve been considering it for a while but not sure how we’d go with fussy eaters and then needing to cook extra/separate meals for the kids.
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 You can get a free box if someone you know has it. That is how I started. A friend emailed me a free box and I liked it. Also shopback has a discount code on it. It is an app.
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I have a 4 week rotating menu and I let the kids choose which meals go where. The meal lists are in groups of 1. Red meat 2. Vegetarian 3. White meat 4. Fish and 5. Takeaway. Every week must have at least 1 of every list and takeaway is always on Sunday. Every week I put that weeks meal plan on the fridge so everyone knows what’s for dinner. There is no complaining because they chose the meals and it’s easy to shop for the week.

 I really like this idea. May I ask how old are your kids to help choose the meals?
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 5 and 12. They are all meals they know and that I can cook. They have never asked for something that’s not on the list so I am counting myself lucky😁
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 This is a great idea. Well done.
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I find if I plan the whole week I don't feel like it by day three and want to change my plan

 I felt like that too. Now I just write a list of 7 dinners I can make and each morning I pick one, it’s still planned but can be spontaneous as well.
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Mine is pretty flexible but I have the same things I cook weekly and other things I cook occasionally.

I usually do a monthly meal plan that also has a bit of flexibility if needed. We have the following most weeks:
Taco night
Homemade subway night
Meat and veg
Meat and salad wraps/bowls
Pasta night
Take away night
Sausages and veg/bbq
I bulk cook things like shredded meat for taco/wraps/salad bowls, bolognese sauce, lasagna etc... that we freeze and use as it’s planned.
For example, on a Sunday I almost always do either a bolognese sauce batch or shredded meat in slow cooker batch. We’ll then have that item for dinner, plus freeze portions to use over the next 2-3 weeks.
We both work full time and have 2 x teens.

I do a big shop and let my family make their own meals. I have one who only eats meat and vegetables, one who eats anything, one vegan, and a pescetarian who doesn't eat dairy but does eat eggs. I tell them what I am having and they either have the same or make their own.

You could still have variety and eat well with that menu.