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Why are some neighbours nosey ?

I live in a cul de sac and the old man across me was staring at the tow truck towing hubbys car
I yelled out it’s a wreck isn’t it
He ignored me

I don’t stand out when he crashed his car into his garage wall twice or ambulance came twice and once for his wife


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You seem to also be nosy just you probably hide behind a curtain rather them in public view watching what's going on at his place so why the judgement aimed at him

 At least I don’t make it obvious
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 Doesn’t make you less nosey. Just makes you sound like a hypocrite
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It’s good that neighbours pay attention to the going’s on in their street. If someone robs your house while you’re it, he will likely know it if he’s as nosey as you say.

Seriously, who cares if he watched your hubby’s car get towed away. Get upset about something more significant. Like, maybe the times he crashed his car and needed an ambulance. (How did you know about these things if you yourself weren’t nosey?)

 He needed an ambulance for other reasons
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 I don’t make it obvious
It’s rude to stare
Hubby loved his mustang and didn’t want an old man staring

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 He can stand and stare all he wants. What can you do?

Also, if you weren’t nosey yourself, how would you know why he needed an ambulance? Just because you peek through your curtains doesn’t ask you any less creepy.

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He’s old and doesn’t have a life. Flash him!!

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Maybe he just likes tow trucks? If he can see it without being on your property, then he is free to look at it. Get over yourself.