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You've got your hands full

Anyone else sick of hearing this phrase?
I get it every time I take all my kids out (I have 5)
Is it meant to be an insult or are they just stating the obvious?


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It's saying you're busy, it isn't an insult everyone is so sensitive

 I agree people are so oversensetive

100% not an insult, just an observation and general stranger chit chat

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I like the comeback - ‘you should see my heart’

I’m sure it’s not being said in a negative way - more so, wow you’re amazing.

 Love the comback, very true!
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Thanks everyone.
It actually never used to bother me till I went out with my friend with 2 of my kids (older ones were at school) and 2 of her kids, and we got it twice in one outing and my friend was really bothered by it. Since then iv always noticed it more and wondered if it's an underhanded dig or something (as that's the way my friend took it) rather than just smiling, moving on and forgetting about it.
So was just wondering what everyone else thought of it.
Thanks everyone, I won't let it bother me 😊

I actually love it when it comes from the older generation. I feel like they are thinking back to where they had young children and reminiscing. I always just say " Absolutely!".

 I agree people need to stop being offended by little things.
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 Yeah I get the same impression!!!
And, um you do literally have your hands full lol

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 I never thought to get offended by this comment. Thats interesting and might reflect more of your own feelings.
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 Or the actual question at hand , is it meant as an insult? I Get sick of this...
people were literally replying to the OP

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It's true right? You do have your hands full, and people are just acknowledging how difficult it is to wrangle that many children. It is not an insult, it's empathetic. They're saying that they see you, relate and care.

Would you rather they say look at all those kids. Do they have the same father? How much money do you get from centrelink? Did you think about the planet when you decided to have so many?

 My friend has 7 kids. The first question she is usually asked is are they all from the same dad. How rude!!
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 I have 2 kids and I’ve been asked this!
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 Lol well all the other kids are doing it these days
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I have 3 and used to get it quite a lot when they were young. I used to come back with a “yeah, I know this one won’t let me put him down”. No one ever said it in an insulting tone or way, it was just an acknowledgement that kids are hard work and having x amount just makes it even more work. I found that nicer than the two seperate occasions when someone told me “wow, you’ve been busy” while pregnant with my second - he got a “nah mate, my partner was the busy one. I just enjoyed the ride” back - and the “you should buy a tv” - which got a reply of “I have one already, that’s what usually starts this a movie and cuddles”. If people are so interested in my sex life they want to make snarky comments about it I’ll give them details.

I agree with the other comments, i think people are just saying ‘wow, you are amazing, look at what you are doing! Hard work and you are doing great!’ Its not an insult. With 5 kids your hands are full! Literally and figuratively.. Next time someone says that to you remind yourself they are saying your awesome not un- awesome.

My response would be: "Yes I am busy but my heart is full, home full of love and laughter and I hope my children make a wonderful impact on the world" That will leave them something to ponder when they walk away. I don't care how many kids people have so long as they can provide for them, keep them safe and treat them right. Its not my place to say how many kids one should have nor is it anyone else's place. If you were religious you could say "oh well God has his plans, and never gives us more than we can handle for a reason"

It’s acknowledging you’re wonderfulness take it as a compliment as it surely isn’t an insult. You are an amazing mum and person.

I think it’s kind of an acknowledgement that you’re doing a difficult job. How’s it insulting?