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Circumcised or uncircumcised?

I've only ever been with one man. I really enjoy giving head. he told me it's because he's circumcised, that uncircumcised penises are ugly and stink etc and that's why so many woman don't like giving head. is this the case? Is this also why people think men's bits are ugly, because I don't but all I've ever known is well proportioned balls and penis....


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Im wondering how your husband 'knows' that uncircumcised penises are ugly and stink? Provided a man Has good hygeine, nothing wrong with it.

 what a fantastic answer!
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 Told by previous partners, obvs. Personally I agree with him!
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 Personally, I've found uncircumcised men have cleaner, nicer penises.
Circumcision nnah's men think they don't need to clean themselves.
Natural all the way!!
Besides, mutilated just isn't sexy.

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 ^^^ I really doubt that uncut is cleaner in general.
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My husband isn't circumcised, but he has extremely good hygiene. I can tell you, I absolutely love giving him head, and his dick never stinks and definitely doesn't look disgusting. It's the best one I've seen so far. It doesn't take much to wash it properly.
I have been with men that are circumcised that have bad hygiene and they're just as bad.
It honestly comes down to how they wash it and care for it.
I've got my husband to teach our son the same good practices of hygiene, because I don't want him getting an infection.

 I could have written this post. Agree 100%.
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Lol. I prefer circumcised men. Coincidentally that is true to my experience. All the blokes I've given head to have been circumcised except for 3. And those 3 were smelly in general (one had a weight problem and used to sweat a lot, the other two were athletic but also sweated a lot). So of course their groins were unpleasant places to visit lol. But that's the luck of the draw I guess

I prefer uncorcumsized I had both and found no difference with the smell or how pleasurable it is to give- if anything I find my husband is more pleasurable to give head to cos his "hat" is on for the most part I think he has a huge foreskin cos it covers during head most of the time even when fully erect I mean the top pops out but I can keep it from rolling back. I don't really like giving head when it's fully exposed lol I do it but I prefer a bit of covering
I also prefer the general look of uncorcumsized just looks like he's dressed in a suit lol

 Ha ha s love the suit line lol
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I've only been with 2 guys and both were circumcised. I personally prefer it but I'm an aged care nurse and I've seen men with uncircumcised penis' that can no longer care for them and it is just revolting. And legally nurses aren't supposed to touch them for long enough to clean them properly. Obviously we do try but it's difficult.

 Can i just say that is bullshit. You have to clean them properly. You are neglecting your duty of care by not providing adequate hygiene for those who cant do it for themselves. Its not that hard to do and if your not sure on the proper technique ask a senior staff member for help
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Uncircumcised penises kind of scare me a bit. Like if I pull the foreskin back is it going to hurt him? I find them unattractive to look at and in general just a confusing place to be lol. Give me a nice circumcised man rod any day. They're like tall proud soldiers. Un cut ones, to me, make me think of turtles. Like they're hiding away in their little foreskin shells watching lol.

I prefer uncircumcised. It's like a little chocolate wrapped up and delicious

I've had both and it depends on the man and how hygienic they are. My hubby is circumcised and i definitely prefer it

Circumcised please. Makes my stomach turn at the thought of a non-circumcised.
I've been with both.
But these answers show that it's each to their own.

I find it interesting that those who prefer uncircumcised are those who write long winded explanations, usually about their husbands and partners as if they're trying to justify it. Maybe on some level they know what uncircumcised just looks gross but try to be ok with it.

My partner is uncircumcised and I love his penis. Best one I've seen. I personally think its more exciting to pull the skin back and look (:

It doesn't bother me either way. I've been with lots of men both circumcised and uncircumcised and it honestly doesn't bother me. The penis still turns me on (in terms of looks) either way! I have only ever had a problem giving head to my current partner. He is uncircumcised but that isn't the issue. His penis head is larger than most so I have a hard time giving a blowjob properly with him. Hand jobs are great though with uncircumcised penises. My man only smells after a long day at work so no issue for me as he has a shower before we are intimate.

I've had it both ways, uncircuncised and then circumcised. Everything about being circumcised is so much better.

My husband isn't circumcised and has fabulous hygiene. My son isn't either and was tought to wash it properly.

SAHD here. I was circumcised 20 or so years ago by my own choice because I'd never liked anything about having a foreskin. Best thing I've done apart from fatherhood and marrying the love of my life! It gave me heaps more confidence, my wife prefers it and several of my friends have also chosen to get it done. I'm sort of glad I had the choice to get it done rather than my parents choosing for me, though. I do think I would have been more sexually confident had I been done as a baby though, because pretty much all my peers (born in the early 70s) were done and I felt like the odd one out.