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2 year old crying when dog barks.

My 2 year old literally goes into a crying fit when the dog barks and now can’t even look at the dog without crying.. even though she does like him.
She has a speech delay so she can’t even tell me what’s wrong.
Has anyone been in a similar situation ?


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Don’t want to freak you out but my two year old cried over random things and had a speech delay, even tho otherwise seemed fine at the time; fast forward a few years and the poor little thing seems to have ASD.
Hope it’s not the case for you, but maybe just be open to the possibility as time goes on.

 Not to alarm you but it was the same with my son. Speech delay and scared of loud noises at 2yr, diagnosed with Autism by 5yrs.

Also get your child's ears checked as some hearing problems can show up like this as well. A friends daughter did the same thing and needed tubes in her ears. A GP can refer your child for a hearing check up at a public hospital for free.

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It could be very much instinctual. She may be frightened and wanting you. But also definitely get her hearing checked as well

2 year old crying when dog barks:-- You must allow baby to see the dog and see the dog barking thus the baby will understand where the noise comin from - please ''SAFETY safety'' allow dog make friend with the baby your dog will never hurt baby --- Your baby must grow up with your dog and be trusted friends Amen

Have you had her hearing maybe even her eyes tested recently? Is there anything else that sets her off?

Maybe it’s just a phase out of frustration... hopefully it doesn’t last long.