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Does your toddler bite? If so, how have you dealt with it? Is biting a common thing for children?


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It's soooooo common. (I work in childcare). It's a stage. They grow out of it but it's annoying for everyone while they're in it. Just have keep repeating yourself about not biting and why we don't bite etc. If you're with other people's kids you might have to hover a bit and stop it happening before it does, when you can.

 Amongst what age group is it common? At what age do they usually grow out of it? My little one is 3yrs old and bites my 1 year old
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 My youngest was a bitter but mostly when he was getting new teeth. Lucky he only ever bit family members. He stop around 3 from memory but still bites occasionally when really angry or frustrated. He's 4.5yo.
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 I don’t think it’s common in the 3 year age group as by three they should learn other way to communicate. For my kids bring only happened when they were around 12-18months. And it was more out of frustration - like somebody took their toy. They weren’t able to verbally communicate their frustration so they bit. Thankfully my kids only ever bit their cousins/ my friend kids so I didn’t feel so guilty because it wasn’t a strangers child.
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 Yeah most common age is between about 12-18 months when they're frustrated by not being able to communicate. A 3 year old biting is unusual. Especially if he wasn't a biter previously.
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Bit them on the moon of the nail. Omg that hurts. Try it on yourself!

When my daughter was very young she took to biting her brother. Finally I decided we had to do something. Next time it happened I bit her back. She never did it again.

 My brother used to bite me until mum bit him back. He never did it again either.
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 I bit my sister when I was about 2, apparently. Mum bit me back so hard she left teeth marks. I don’t remember it, but I didn’t do it again.
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