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Foundation for super sensitive skin

I have extremely sensitive skin and react to many chemicals and even natural stuff like plant and fruit extracts etc. The usual Foundation shade i use has just been discontinued so was looking at trying something new was just seeing if anyone here has sensitive skin and what foundation you use?


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Try a mineral powder instead of liquid x

 I agree. I have horrible skin and I use the Avon mineral powder foundation stuff.
I not only have sensitive skin, but eczema too and very dry skin.

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Hi I also have sensitive skin and unfortunately I found it to be trial and error to find makeup that I can tolerate. I use Natio mineral powder, friends swear by nude by nature. My advice would be to go to a department store where you can sample the makeup first and see how it feels before you buy it.

Look for a brand called Almay. It's especially formulated for sensitive skin.

Try arbonne. You can get a refund if it doesn't suit

Estée Lauder is good, I get really sensitive during pregnancy so switch to that.