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Attack and Tear

Why do some of you feel the need to attack and tear other women down on here. Some answers for example of the “what do you hate about yourself” post.

Stop being so nasty, I see you writing comments on there calling people stupid and all the rest.

Why do you do it ?


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If you go looking for the negative you will find it. What about the No Room story? That was a great example of everyone coming together & helping another woman.

 I agree, you get alot of genuine caring answers and a few negative, plain nasty ones. I asked a question the other day and the supportive answers really helped me and put things into perspective.
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 Glad we could help 💕
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I try never to be a bitch, I think we should encourage people to be considerate of each other. But on here, OhhhmyyG! I cannot even tolerate some of the nastiness and I get nasty also!
Probably a sign I should not come on this forum but it's really full of helpful advice and I think I'm addicted haha

OP Yeah agree with that. I feel sometimes like biting back and then after I think omg that was immature haha
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 You can't delete either once it's been said 😂
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Someone commented on my reply that I was stupid and don't even understand why they called me stupid?
Maybe I am stupid 😂😂😂

 Yes that was the one bitchy response. She's just jealous you have kids.
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I think that's one person & your generalising.

 I don’t think so
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 That's you opinion 🤷‍♀️
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 Hahaha yeah toughen up princess.
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There's one response on that question that's bitchy.

I have been called all kinds of names in the last day on here and its not even from the resident troll. Some people are just immature.

 What names?
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