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What brand of foundation/mascara/eyeliner would you recommend for a 6 year old? Thanks

My daughter has her dance performance and needs to wear make up. I don't want to spend too much but don't want crappy products that aren't good for her skin

Thanks so much


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My daughter has worn make up since she was 3 for dance concerts, she is now 11. I used my foundation - Nude by Nature, Revlon, Max Factor, Loreal. For the pink blush i used Covergirl & left it in her dance make- up kit. I found a reasonably priced Magenta lipstick for her kit as well. I used my Maybelline Eye Shadow & my Maybelline Full & Soft Mascara.

Maybe ask the other mums or dance teacher?

OP I'm a bit of a loser and don't know anyone...:)
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Maybe a natural one like Arbonne or Natio or Mineral Foundation brand - they will probably be gentler :) i did dancing for years and i think my mum just used Maybelline etc. I'm ok :)

Thanks for your help. We have been told they don't. Red lipstick just "bat wing" eye make up and foundation

 Definitely check out your local health good stores. They have vegan, toxin free make up.
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Adorn cosmetics. It's vegan, 100% Aussie owned & delivered to your door. You can buy a sample pack too so you get everything you need. I use this & have very sensitive skin & it's perfect for me.

I use Avon mineral powder. I'm not 6, but I have horribly sensitive skin. I find the mineral makeup is very gentle on skin.
Maybe a waterproof mascara so it doesn't all come off in to her eyes if she rubs them?
And some coconut oil works wonders to take makeup off for sensitive skin.

Get a mineral powder & lippy form a health food shop and you can use it after! My daughter has a dance concert twice a year and I use a mineral powder over her face, nothing on her eyes, lots of blush on her cheeks, some on her nose and forehead, natural lippy on her lips. She never looks washed out under the lights on stage. I’ve never made up her eyes.