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Happy Birthday To Me

Today is my birthday and my husband said 'Happy Birthday' but I didn't even receive a birthday card from him (I'm the Mother of his 4 children). I always get him gifts for his birthday and suggest we go out for dinner and always make him a cake.

I feel so disappointed. Is anyone elses partner like this. Luckily I was made feel special by my Mum and Dad with some presents and they took me out for coffee and morning tea.


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Oh happy birthday! 🎂🎉🎈
How old did you turn?
My husband is also a butt fife sometimes. I'm the romantic one in this couple. It gets a bit tiresome though doesn't it? I used to let it get to me and bottle up all my upset about it. But then one day I realised: my sweet idiot husband isn't a goddamn mind reader. Maybe I should tell that motherfucker exactly what I'd like and see what happens. So I did the next birthday. And voila! That beautiful bastard surprised me with flowers and jewellery. I was so surprised and touched that he did that. He still doesn't woo me as often as I'd like, but he also doesn't mind that I buy my own flowers and chocolates for myself. I also try to adjust my way of thinking. He isn't as romantic as me. I knew that when I married him. He does so much for me already (he works so hard so that I can stay at home with our kids, he does the gardening, he cooks dinner some nights, some school days he takes the older kids to school so I can have a little longer to get ready for the day) that it's not fair to expect him to do EVERYTHING. I married a man, not a Casanova (a fictional character renowned for his romantic ways). A wonderful man, who will make mistakes just like I do.

 I am 23
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My husband and I are on the same page with birthdays. We don’t get each other gifts. Occasionally a card but it’s not expected. All we want is a happy Birthday. But, I was brought up with birthdays not being a big deal. I’m never upset I don’t get anything.

Glad to see some support. I wrote about basically the same sort of the a few months back. I got a bunch of flowers and organised my own dinner out and paid for it. I spoil hubby the same as you do, making sure he gets gifts from me and our kids. When I wrote my rant I only got replies about how I should be grateful I have a partner and that I got something even though it was a bunch of flowers and that I was selfish for feeling the way I did 😕

Spoil yourself! Buy a very expensive gift and go out for dinner. That way you will get exactly what you want!!! Happy birthday xxx

At least he remembered, my hubby totally forgot my birthday a few months ago even though it's the day before his!!! Men are some stupid Hahaha

I never get anything from my husband either same goes for mothers day. This year I had to spend my own money buying presents for the kids to give to me because they wanted to get me something

My husband is a jerk with this sort of stuff

He's actually ruined a lot of my birthdays
Not just not getting presents but being in a grumpy mood , not wanting to do anything.
He's a downright jerk on most special occasions

Iv learnt over 17 years to lower my expectations of occasions. He's actually gotten a bit better and so the two of those things mean I don't have crap birthdays anymore I just don't include him and if he joins in my plans it's a bonus

 I must say though over the years Iv voiced what I want and he's come through sometimes

Like the time I asked just for a car with just a small few lines written in there saying something nice about me

He found a card with a long written thing in it and wrote

Hey babe. Was going to write you something but this card did it for me.
Love ***

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It was my birthday 3 days ago and my partner was in the grumpiest shittiest mood. When I hit him up about it and told him he’s bringing me down on my birthday - he started the BIGGEST argument with me which ended up in a screaming match, me getting in the car and leaving and crying at the beach by myself for the afternoon