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Any tips for holding a 6th Birthday for 25 kids????

All the kids have said they are coming lol 😂
, I’m slightly crapping my pants!


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Enough adults to supervise
Check with parents if any special dietry requirements
Specify a finish time
Organise games to keep kids entertained
Have enough food and beverages (cater for adults if some parents hanging around, cheese platter for example)
Keep big scary dogs away from kids (just incase)
Keep bedroom doors locked and valuables out of sight
Take numbers of parents that aren’t staying incase of emergency
Have a plan B if weather crap and you need to move indoor/undercover
Have alcohol nearby you’ll need it once everyone leaves lol
Happy birthday to your little one!

 Thankyou this is great 👍🏻
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 Don't bother checking about dietary requirements or you're gonna cop a shit load of preferences!!! A doesn't like hommus, B will only eat xyz pizza, L won't eat anything except rainbow cake. I know from experience!!!!
Parents who have children with legit dietary requirements will ask you questions and be responsible enough to supervise their child and provide 'safe' food for them.
Don't make your life hard.

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 You’re welcome OP
Also there’s a difference between dietry requirements and food preference 🤦🏻‍♀️

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 ^ yes but some people take dietary requirement to mean food preference! Which is pretty rude, but some people...... The person above you is right.... if anyone has an allergy they will either tell you or bring their own food.
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 My son has an allergy, I always check with the host before letting him eat.
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 ^that was exactly my point. Some people do interpret allergies as preferences, makes it too hard.
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 Not many people drop and go for a 6 yo birthday party. I wouldn’t especially if it was a school mum whom I didn’t know Well.
For a close friend maybe but then if it was my good friends kids I’d be staying cos it’s my friends too lol

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 Pope’s wring thread
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This happened with my youngest. 23 out of 25 kids showed up at my house. It was crazy but a lot of fun. Be very organised, have lots of games and activities planned. Set a definite end time. Be prepared for your plans to go awry but have a strategy to get back on track. Kids that age will ask a million questions and have their own ideas of how the games should go. Don’t worry about an elaborate spread of food, they will be too excited to eat a lot. I usually do a fruit platter, a veg platter, a bowl of potato chips and jelly cups with juice boxes and water to drink. Simple and easy and the kids like it. Serve the cake near the end as a way to wrap the party up.

Is it at home? Hire a bouncy castle, lots of easy food, don't obsess about it being perfect, party music, dance area and have at least 3 games organised.

A fruit platter.
Cheese and crackers and sausage sizzle.
A Piñata.
Have it a park.
Pin the tail on the donkey.
And have a designated time frame.

Cheap and easy

 Park parties are shit. How can you 100% supervise that many children???
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 Not many people drop and go for a 6th birthday, I wouldn’t especially to a large school party.
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Movie, microwave popcorn, pizza delivery, a wee fire to toast marshmallows after the cake. Job done. Ours went so well all the kids copied our party. They loved it at dusk tearing about in the dark while the parents collecting them sat around the fire with a cuppa.

Go to the local pool or park. Hire or buy a big disco ball, blast some music and call it a disco party.

 I agree about a park, but can't stand people who blast music in public places. It's rude and so unnecessary.
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 Sorry, to clarify, I meant those two as separate suggestions. I agree, blasting music in public is shit
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The best kids party I ever did was for 80 Kids, they ran around, played footy in the paddock. I had a friend do face painting for the 1st hour. We did a huge slip and slide, they all brought swimmers / towels. They mostly ended up in our pool. We have about 20 adults stay for the party. We had a time limit for 3 hours. At the end I gave all kids a ice block and a big punching balloon to take home. 1 hour before we finished we had 2 firetrucks come, and spray them with water. Kids had a ball. We still talk about it 10 years later.
Lots of food, fruit platters, cheese / biccies/ adult finger food as well, cordials, water. All plastic throw away cups, plates.
Beer &Wine for the parents who stayed.

Most of the parties my kids have attended with big numbers have been held at the local park. alot of parents usually attend to help supervise their own kids and there is usually a bbq. Food wise, kids love party food so just the usual, chips, fruit, party pies etc.