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Could you, would you or did you marry for money?


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The reality is that even if it doesn't appeal to our morals biology affects these decisions heavily. Many women look for financial security in a partner as biology is making them seek security for raising children. Likewise men are often attracted to young females with certain physical traits as biology is telling them this is what they need in order to have the best chance for healthy offspring.

I didn't, but if I ever get married again (if this one ends in divorce or widowness) I'd consider marrying for money. Judge away I don't care.
My dream job needs a degree, and degrees cost money and childcare.

 No judgement. I'd definitely consider it too 👊
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Honey steer me in the direction, I’ll google wedding dresses on the way

Yes and no. I wouldn't marry a man for money but i would expect that he can hold down a job, be good with his money and have career goals. I expect these things because they are all things i do do/have myself, sharing values when it comes to finance is very important in a relationship.

No, we will never be filthy rich - but I do admire my husband's strong work ethic and the fact he doesn't waste money.
I can't deny that the lack of money is a huge strain on a relationship either.

I had an opportunity to marry for money when i was in my 20’s, i cant say who the man was as he is internationally known and owns a massive company. He was about 20 years older then me, he was frank and put everything on the table in his proposal. It took me one second to turn him down, i just couldnt do it. My mother was angry with me at the time and said i was stupid for not doing it. I stand by my decision.

Another time i was offered $20000 for one night with a arab man, i also turned this down and my boyfriend at the time also said i was stupid for not doing it! Again, no regrets.

No. Marriage means something to me. I was careful that I married a good decent person, one who worked hard and was honest. I don't think I could put that aside for money. I can earn my own money.

No i have morals i could never do that. I need to love fully and completely. Surface relationships aren't for me if anyway shape or form in my life let alone someone i signed on with for the rest of my life. It's more like a business deal than a marriage.

I would if he was good looking too

 Me too babe. That would be a bonus 😂
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Not solely for money. But to be able to provide is one box that had to be ticked before I married my husband.

 I agree with this statement.
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No, no and no I couldn't, wouldn't and didn't. Love all the way for me.

I didnt, And never would!! but my ex sil accused me of only being with ex for money...... same sil that borrows $$ every chance she can

Money helps I know that but when it also destroys the relationship its not worth it