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How should I react

My son is getting married next month and during a family dinner his future wife stated that we should be happy that their doing it the proper way as his dad and I aren't married but we have been together since highschool 28yrs now and 6 children I didn't say anything but I've started to feel like She implying she is looking down in us she has never really questioned this before.


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How is already having 4 children and then getting married the "proper" way?.. you and your partner could get hitched tomorrow and by her logic be just as "proper".
To answer your question just ignore the dig, she's probably trying to get under your skin with an ulterior motive.

 Yeah that doesn’t make any sense. I thought she was saying she was doing it the ‘proper’ way by getting married before having kids, this is just silly.
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So they are both virgins and each still live at home with their parents? That's the 'proper way'. You should have also pointed out that your relationship has lasted longer than most marriages anyway.

 No actually they already have 4 children she does like to have her opinion but doesn't like to have it pointed out to her but she had never directly commented to me until the other day
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 If this is the case, I would just smile and nod. "Proper way" haha.
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Back under your bridge trolly troll troll

OP Your intelligence amazes me
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 It’s getting a bit crowded under there
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Who cares? She's probably stressed out planning the wedding and just spoke without thinking. You should be your normal self with her and just ignore the dig.
I wouldn't put any weight behind her words, because she's obviously not perfect either.

Don’t react at all. She will soon learn that the “proper way” is just them falling to societal pressure and not because that’s what they really want to do.

 OMG one of these 🙄
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There is no such thing as ‘the proper way’ any more. The fact you have been together 28 years is testament enough of your love and commitment for each other, not a piece of Paper. Ignore her comment, and hold your head high.

Smile is your wise reply. Because she has a long long way to go. Congratulations on twenty Eight years and lotsa kids. Let’s hope she is “married” for that long! Silence is key because your choices worked for you. Possibly marriage would not have.

People who aren't married and say that their relationship is just the same as a married couple are the same sort of people who say that the love they have for their furbabies is the same as parents have for their children. It is no where near the same. Good on your son for having the gumption to do something his parents couldn't be bothered to do.

 That is a good effort actually, I have been previously highly disappointed by the trolling efforts around here
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 I wouldn’t say waiting until you’ve had 4 kids is doing it ‘proper’ either.
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