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Canceling Christmas

Enough is enough
My step kids are mean to me and my kids and I have cancelled their Christmas presents by donating to charity
Hubby makes excuses for kids behaviour
He won’t support me and thinking about donating his presents to charity

Have you threatened or cancelled Christmas in the past ?


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I have for adults but not my kids. My 4 sisters all argue about who will host and what food to have and how much someone spent last year and she’s a tightarse and her husband drinks too much blah blah blah. So I took my kids and husband to the beach and told them all to shove it.

 Good work going through with it!! My family and husband's family would all expect us to see them Xmas day, I tried to split the day but was told it didn't suit my mil, I pretty much said we will do one year with each side then one year at home. If I hear another word about it we won't spend Xmas day with any of them again.
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Nah I haven't cancelled Christmas but I have told everyone I think it's silly this year and a waste of money. Any more then 2 presents is too much, we have a big family and the kids get swamped with things. I'm trying not to be a grinch but it's hard Christmas should be more then presents

cancel chrissie for adults, yes I can relate to that.
some kids are just spoiled little brats, and should just receive 1 present, not 50.

No wonder so many people in debt up to their eyeballs, just to keep up with the joneses for christmas.
Bring it back to reality, we did and are better for that.

Sounds like you and your family are going to have an AWESOME Christmas! Way to start the festive season.

How old are they and what have they done?

 12 and 15 and want $500 from me and hubby
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Are you my kids step mum? This actually happened to my kids. My exs wife decided santa wasn't coming to my kids after very bad behaviour. I could certainly understand they went through her room and ate a ton of chocolates and treats the week before that were hidden for Xmas, and my son took his step Brothers bike to the park and it was stolen (after being told not to take it), and a few other little things. She had returned all the gifts for my kids and given all other toys to her mum to look after so he had nothing to give his kids Xmas day. I got a frantic phone call at 11 pm Xmas Eve. I had to meet him at 4 am Xmas morning with gifts I bought so my kids would have something from santa. Apparently the look on her face was priceless Xmas morning when santa had been.

 I hope she left him after that.
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 No she didn't, she just bitched until he decided he would rather spend Christmas day with me and my parents. We don't get along so it must have been bad. He asked her to move out a few months later.
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Op here
Step kids mean to my kids
My kids are angels

 Hahahahahhahaha. Yep, sure they are love.
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 I thought they were mean to you?
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