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How much do you spend on groceries per week?

How many in your family? Do you meal plan? Do you chase specials at different supermarkets? or soley shop at one?


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I cheat and buy most things once a month, as I do freezer to slow cooker meals, so week to week we just need milk and fruit and vegetables.

Averages out to $80-$100 per week for 2 adults 1 small child.

 Sorry we shop at aldi. Includes household items and nappies
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900/month Family of 9, I meal plan. I bulk buy. I coupon.

80-110 for 3 of us

 Oh sorry and we shop at Coles and the fruit shop next door to Coles and the butcher next door to the fruit shop :)
We hardly buy anything in a package. Just 2 or 3 packets of biscuits for hubby. Sometimes crackers, cocnut water. And sauces.
We also go to the farmers markets if we get the chance but that's usually in place of the fruit shop.
Only my husband eats meat.

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 What kind of meals do you make to only spend $80-$100 a week? Need some tips!
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 Well I always buy the in season veggies so a bag of 4 capcicums at the moment is 2 or 3$ and tomatoes are 3 zucchini a are about 3 dollars for like 6

I makes pasta that does 4 plates with just a small bit of thickened cream , garlic capsicum zucchini onion celery herbs(from our garden and also dried from the store) Add chicken breast for hubby
Also do similar curry but with turmeric rice and sultanas through the rice

Pineapple fried rice celery pineapple chives onion capsicum with fresh tomato and cucumber

Eggplant lasanga . Eggplant slices instead of pasta layers Zuccini tomato Coles pasta sauce garlic onion chives herbs cream cheese cheese sauce made from cheese and thickened cream and nutmeg

Thick chunky salads capsicum cream cheese salt tomato cucumber celery spinach I eat a big bowl hubby and daughter get a smaller serve with meat

Tacos or pizza with what veggies are there

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 At the end of my week my fridge is literally EMPTY. Everything gets used and MOST dinner cod me $5 for the whole dinner which almost always has leftovers.

I live on the Gold Coast

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$150-200 thats for 2 adults and two kids. We shop at coles and then a farmers market for fuit and veg. The groceries include any nappies and toiletries/cleaning products. Ive tried to cut back but seriously struggle. We already eat everything homemade and buy minimal packaged foods.

 This is same as us but not in nappies. We have to get nice coffee beans too and bread from the bakery i cant cope with crap coffee haha
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About $200. We have 2 adults and a 6 month old. We live in a small town where only IGA is available and we also have 3 strictly indoor cats and 2 dogs to feed. I maintain most of it goes on the animals haha.

Wow, compared to most on here I seem to spend a lot. We spend between $250 and $300 per week to feed 2 adults and 2 school aged children. My oldest son is eating us out of house and home at the moment. Our biggest costs are meat, fruit and veg and we don't eat much prepackaged stuff. I shop mainly between Coles and IGA. Unfortunately we don't have a farmers market and our fruit shop is no cheaper or better quality than the supermarkets.

 Same!! Sometimes I'll spend $300 then go back a few days later and spend another $100. Coles mainly. I find their fruit and veg lasts longer than the fresh stuff ( that sounds bad I know but apples go off after a few days from Fresh places). I do buy packaged stuff,and meal plan. I only have small freezer so can't buy in bulk. 2 adults , 2 school aged kids .
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 I think it depends on the age of the kids too, bigger kids will eat more
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Probably about $150wk 2adults 2small children both in nappies. Woolies, iga mostly. I buy nearly all our meat reduced.

$150 +
2 adults, 1 teenager, 2 younger school aged children

 No, I don't meal plan
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We have a family of 2 adults, 2 kids (1 is a baby) and we struggle with money (as do most I would say) so I try to save where I can. Our grocery bill is about $200 a week and we don't buy junk. No chips ice cream lollies nothing. We eat bucket loads of fruit and vegetables. I have just recently tried to support local small business and did a huge shop around and price comparison but I'm sorry to say that you just can't beat Aldi/Coles and the big supermarkets. They were $3-4 cheaper per kg on most meat then you can still get it on special and put it in the freezer. I bought 3 things from a butcher and it was all off in 3 days in my fridge even though the used buy date was in 2 days time. I threw it all in the bin. I also had to drag the 2 kids out of my way to go there which was a huge hassle also.

Prob about 150 or 160 and that's a mixture of Coles or Aldis, prob going to reassess where we spend our money

About 150 as well for two adults and a 2 year old. I only buy specials but I'm lazy so I'll buy ready made snitzels instead of the chicken and bread crumbs lol.

Shopping costs us around 150-200 per week. Depending on household needs. I.e: washing powder, nappies etc.
This also covers my husbands weekly groceries as he works away from home throughout the week, so we're essentially shopping for two households.
I don't have strict meal plans but I usually replace what I use and get a few different things. I follow the specials strictly at either supermarket and don't have a specific shop, just depends on who has the better specials that week.
We're a family of five! Plus two animals.

Big shop for "staples" one week at Coles or Woollies (depending on the specials i need the most)= $150. Second week at a fruit and veg shop & butcher about $100. I buy in bulk whe there are specials ie. if chicken thighs are on sale i buy three kilos, divvy up and freeze. If toilet paper is on special for half price (often is) i practically fill the trolley. I never pay full price for anything. When rice is half price, i buy two packets and store well in containers. Same for fabric softener- i bought sevdral bottles half price and havent worried about it for over six months. Seriously the best way to shop! Fanily of four :-) i dont really meal plan but i do use tue same basics for most of my meals which i can alternate when i like :-)

Around $120 a week for 2 adults and 2 school aged kids. Just started shopping at Aldi and reduced our bill by about $60-80 a week.

We have a family of 6, 2 adults 4 children who eat us out of house and home a dog a cat and 3 chooks. I spend $250- $300 a week.

 I shop at a fruit and veg shop, a butcher, bakery Aldi and then Coles. I meal plan
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