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How could she?!

So after 6 months of marriage my brothers wife said to him she didn’t want to settle down and have a baby on some land instead she wanted a beach house and to go traveling, my brother would have done anything for her so he said sure. 1 week later she told him she needed space so my brother moved out to my parents place. Turns out she was cheating on him and whilst they were “trying “ to have a baby she was secretly on the pill so she didn’t get pregnant to the other guy.
Anyway fast forward three years she came to our grandmas funeral because she “loved her and was deeply affected by her death”. Turns out she is was pregnant with the guy she cheated with a baby and has just got married to him in the same church as she married my brother! She literally tossed him aside like he was rubbish and marrying in the same church just says she didn’t care about that marriage at all!
I am furious for my brother! How could she come to the funeral knowing she was pregnant!!!!! She is such a bitch!


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Calm down. She should have been a grown up but you don't know the full story. She may have cared about your grandmother. And if she was pregnant at the time how is that relevant? She should have never have cheated or hit married and you should have said your words then.tou didn't and now I think you should have moved on. Get off Facebook or gossiping , she didn't do those things to hurt your brother, she is clearly a bit messed up and he was in the way. Focus on yourself and your brother, check in with him now rather than wasting time on her would be my suggestion. It's great that you care btw

 Thank you this really helped me I am calmer now and making sure my brother is supported.
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 Oh thank goodness. I totally get your headspace, but know that if you pass it by, you will be on the stronger footing. I’m glad you could understand all my typos too!
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He dodged a bullet by the sounds of it, be thankful that she left him for her new sucker, she sounds like a skank.

Calm down Sarah, you are way overreacting. You need some recreationally drugs.

You are a beautiful loyal sister.
Don't let the maggot get you down. Karma will come knocking on her door. If things were rosey for her she wouldn't be sniffing around.
She doesn't deserve your energy. Just your pity. Ask Mr T. I reckon he'd say "I pity the fool'"