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Tomorrow having a MRI and CT scan of the brain due to neurological pain in right side of face ( cheek and jaw )
Have you had this pain and scans ?
If yes please tell me your story


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I had both these scans during investigation of a sudden onset of random debilitating pain in my neck, back of head & different sides of my face (from top of head to shoulder). When it hit, it would incapacitate me for days.
Doctor sent me for the scans as it's 'part of the process'. It doesn't necessarily mean they suspect something in particular. It's just the standard procedure they follow to check & eliminate causes.
CT scan is quick. MRI is longer and it's a little claustrophobic by the end, but neither are invasive.
I get the anxiety though, as it's terrifying thinking about what they might find.
My doc glanced at the results, then said they were all clear and he would have been surprised to have found anything! Which means I still don't know the cause & now have a prescription painkiller to use as soon as the pain starts & it works.
I think the best advice I can give is to do the tests asap - it lessens the anxiety & means quicker treatment. Do not put them off!

 Going tomorrow
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Have had both of these done as they found nodules in my thyroid and had to make sure they were beneign. the CT is like a big donut and relatively easy. The MRI is like a tunnel and incredibly noisy - especially when it is right on/around your head. It takes a lot longer and you have to stay still or they need to redo it. They will give you head phones with music to help, but the noise and vibrations will still go right through you. Try not to grit your teeth (put your tongue between your teeth), concentrate on your breathing (to avoid holding your breath and stay still), and concentrate on listening to whatever is on the headphones to distract yourself from the noise. It is like being right next to a jackhammer unfortunately. Good luck 🤞

 Also, I had no anxiety going in, but if you are anxious or claustrophobic they are allowed to give you valium (in QLD) before having it done. If I had known this I would have gotten anxiety just to try valium 😉
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Sister in law had pain down the side of her face. She thought she was having mini strokes. Hers turned out to be scar tissue in the brain from MS. If it is something bad, the best thing you can do is know about it early and get treatment.

I get night terrors... I had exactly the same from the pressure on my jaw screaming... entire side of my face was numb for days. I don’t always know I have had a night terror so couldn’t link it.
Medication for night terrors and now it’s gone!

The pain you're having sounds like trigeminal neuralgia. Has your doctor mentioned that? It's super painful but can be treated. Get a referral to a neurologist. And all the best!

No I haven't but best of luck 🌻

 Hang on, I have had a ct scan, it was absolutely painless. The hardest thing was staying very still.
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