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Someone’s BO at work being blasted around the office?

There is a person at work who has a fan heater on the desk which spreads the smell of Their body odour. They leave it on even on 20 degree days. No one else has the heater and not sure what to say or do if anything.


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could you leave deodorant on their desk when they go to lunch - subtle hint without confrontation or embarrassing them

 I'm fairly confident that this would embarrass them.
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Could you have a word with your office manager or supervisor about it? That way your supervisor can pull them aside and say something and you can remain anonymous to the person with the BO.
It might be that they just have a really strong body odour and deodorant doesn’t work for them. I went to school with a girl with strong BO and she already knew before we told her. She was actually really self conscious about it and tried all sorts of different deodorants. They just didn’t seem to work well on her.

Oh I hate the smell of BO and I don't get it, surely these people can smell themselves 😷😷😷😷😷