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Do you buy fresh flowers for your house every week?

I love doing this, it's an indulgence but it makes me happy. Do you do this? Or what's your weekly indulgence/splurge?


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Does it count that my three year old daughter proudly brings me gifts of weeds or flowers she's pulled from the garden?

Yes, but I'm a florist 😂😂😂

 Do you have any recommendations on robust flowers that tend to last for a while please?
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 Natives will last a long time. Oriental lillies can also last a few weeks with proper care. Depends on what you like, they are just some of my fave. Just re cut stems, change water, keep away from heater vents etc. I have some orientals in my room atm that have been here for 3 weeks. Looking beautiful still.
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No, I get sad when they die... I indulge in books... 🙈 I know I have to many but won’t stop getting more! Oh and chocolate! Enjoy your flowers! 🌸

I play a keno same time each week. Its worth 50 dollars. Have been playing it for months. At last week i was 14 dollars ahead. If i was just losing 50 bucks each week i wouldnt be doing it.

If you spend $20 a week that’s $1040

  If they can afford it and it makes them happy them good on them.
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Love fresh flowers, but they are expensive and most of my favourites tend to doe quickly :( i tend to buy potted plants more nowdays

I used to. But these days we just can't justify the expense. I'd love to get some of those wooden flowers for the house, but they're expensive.

No. But I have a rose garden and will sometimes have a bunch of roses from those when they are in bloom.

I wish! Occasionally I will pick the odd flower hanging over someone’s fence and pop it in a little vessel.

Yep I do 😁 I drove an hour and a half to the flower market last week ... currently have two lovely big market bunches that I move around the house often.
$35 well spent (plus the fuel)
I often order myself delivery from a local lady in town, the markets are a fun outing too every couple of weeks