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Discipline and step kids.

Over the weekend my husband was out and I said I would take his 14 year old daughter to meet friends to see a movie. I asked her not to use all the hot water as I needed a shower too. And of course she used all the hot water, I told her I was waiting for the water to heat up then take her. She trashed the kitchen looking for my phone to call her dad to take her. Now I'm the bad guy for letting her se the consequences of being selfish. Sorry just venting.


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My step daughter uses all the hot water, I have a control in the kitchen so after 8 minutes I slowly turn the temperature down, after 15 minutes it's cold. She always complains how rubbish out hotwater service is, I struggle to keep a straight face.

 That’s gold
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My stepson did the same, would spend hours in the shower if he could. I used to give him 7 minutes, then I would turn the washing machine on, and sometimes the hot tap in the kitchen to do the dishes.
That fixed it, at the time. They never remember, so I had to make it common practice.

You have the first shower from now on. Or buy a different hot water system. Or set a Limit in shower lengths with a timer, and have consequences

She trashed the kitchen? Make her clean it up then pay for any damage out of future allowance.

Some of you must have shitty hot water systems...7/8 minutes for a shower isn't that long!😐

 My hot water lasts I just don't let one person use it all, and it's not free.
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Thanks for the advice. I'm upset because I'm the one my husband is angry with, his daughter can behave how she likes and nothing happens. I gave her some consequences and let her miss the movie and I am the bad person.

Could turn the hot water or even the water off next time