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How was your weekend?


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It was highly stressful. Just trying to think of a non expensive way to get some alone time to chill in the craziness of kids bdays, end of year concerts, appointments, hosting Xmas lunch and Xmas presents to buy with little money. Gah 😩

Not the best. Older son woke up at 2 am Friday vomiting. Younger son came home from school at 10:30, started vomiting around 1:30. He is a Type 1 Diabetic so gastro is particularly dangerous for him. Ended up in Emergency because he couldn’t stop and his blood sugar was very low. Released around midnight. Saturday we took my husband to the airport for a 3 week business trip. Both kids still felt bad but had stopped vomiting. But that afternoon the youngest started getting really sick feeling. Ended up getting admitted to the hospital with Diabetic Ketoacidosis. Thankfully he was released pretty early on Sunday. The 3 of us spent the rest of the doing absolutely nothing. I am hoping the rest of the week goes much better.

 Sending you lots of love my friend 💕💕
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 Thanks for the love, we needed it.

To the other lovely responder: No, this weekend sucked, not my life. There’s a big difference. Everyone is healthy now and all is good.
I am sorry that your life hasn’t turned out the way you thought it would and the only way you can feel better about it is by belittling others. I hope something wonderful comes your way and you are able to pull yourself out of the seemingly endless pit of misery you are in.

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 ^^this ♥️
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It was probably average on paper but wonderful in reality. My little family had lots of time together at home. Of course there's a few blips here and there but we are together, happy and healthy.

 Exactly same
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Ran out of smokes and have a hangover
Kids are driving me crazy

 That was me last weekend after my mates hens party. What a night 😆
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Kids were at their dads and I had a dirty weekend with my married lover

 Ummmm wow 😂
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 Oh yes, I'm sure you did..........
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 Yeah baby 🥰
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Busy... Worked night shifts (currently still at work at 1:00am Monday morning)

Average. Pretty social, saw a few friends
Didn’t get the job I applied for
Cleaned up after my kids

 Naw badluck, x
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