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How did the older generation survive without antibacterial sprays and hand wash ?


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Plenty of young people dont use these. However some of us have to work in situations where we are exposed to a lot of muck/ snot /blood/germs and statistically you get sick less if you use them.

They had soap.

 Plus antibacterial stuff isn't recommended besides in hospital/health type settings nowadays due to bugs becoming resistant. Soap and water and washing your hands properly is all you need!
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They did have alternatives. Alcohol for cleaning is definitely not a new thing and people would use it for first aid and wiping surfaces etc when needed. They would also boil everything - linen, clothes, cutlery, cups, plates, all baby gear. Sterilization is not a new concept and if anything they did it much better and regularly than we do today because we tend to treat things with drugs after we are sick, where they didn't have access to good medications back then so avoidance was really important.

They survive the same way i do, without it. I dont use any of that antibacterial stuff. Just regular soap or hand wash

Thank goodness for Glen 20! This was a life saver last week when my house hold was struck down with gastro. I cannot praise it enough! Oh and washing hands and useing clean towels aswell!

Soap and water. Too many chemicals are dangerous, I'd go easy on sprays and antibacterial stuff

we played in the mud, ran around, we had great immune systems, not scared of germs. use good old soap and water.

The didn't they got deadly diseases we now vaccinate for... 🤔

 Yea like the very deadly chickenpox that pretty much every adult i know had, and survived just fine
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 What about polio, whooong cough, tetanus, rubella, diphtheria...... chicken pox is not the only vaccine.
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 Yeah, like my great aunt who went blind from polio...
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 Like my dad that has a permanent disability from a flu shot
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 They vaccinate for chicken pox because tjey discovered the disease, a form of herpes virus, lives on in your body forever, and when your immune system is weakened by illness, stress, age, etc, it can manifest as painful sores on your body known as shingles.
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 ^ my mum gets those. They are awful. And if you get chicken pox as an adult, you are very, very sick. Much sicker than I’d you get them as a child.
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Keep in mind you're talking about anti-BACTERIAL, that doesn't prevent viruses.

 A lot of it is anti-MICROBIAL, meaning viruses and fungi, as well as bateria.
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They actually got sick less because they had stronger immune systems. Exposure to small amounts of bacteria and viruses is how you build up immunity. Disinfecting everything weakens us and makes the germs grow stronger.

They didn't that is why they are all dead.

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Same way they got on without the Internet I suppose. You don’t miss what you dont have.

I personally do not use antibacterial wash. It’s so bad for our waterways. Ordinary soap does just fine.