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Are you friends with your ex?


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Yep. My husband and I catch up with him and his wife whenever they're in town. The ex and I share an adult son but we have a friendship that doesnt just involve our boy. The wife and I share weekly emails too. There's no reason we should have any animosity between us 😊

We didn't have kids & he cheated so no. I don't really understand why anyone would under those circumstances.

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Yeah any of the ones who meant something to me: my ex husband if we didn’t share kids we probably wouldn’t be but I had to find a way to be friends as we had kids. I’d still wish him well but he cheated on me so we wouldn’t have been friends after without kids

Yes, we share kids and have no family here, so we support each other as well as we can.

One of them , FK no - I'd rather douse myself in metho an run into the sun
The other - yeah we are friendly whenever we see each other
They were very different level on maturity

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