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Neighbours having sex

We have recently built and moved into our new home, everything is great apart from our neighbours, they have sex... A lot. Sometimes outside as well. Thats fine apart from the fact they are extremely loud. We live in a newly developed area and there are no other neighbours around us yet. Yesterday I heard them out the back and I looked over the fence and they were going for it in their patio area, I don't think they have kids but we do.... How do you ask a new neighbour to tone down the outdoor sex?


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Grab a speaker, take it outside next time you hear them going for it. Blast wiggles or similar. It's dance party time for the kids ! Outside ! Bound to kill their mood. And drown out the noise, the kids won't hear a thing.

 And when they ask you to turn it down tell them it was so loud to cover the sounds they were making having sex. That will get the point across.
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Get your kids to ask you quiet loudly what that noise is, respond with something like Must be some cats in the street, mating time at the zoo etc etc

 Getting kids to ask loudly what the noise is is a great idea. Doesn't need a response!
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Watch and record them. Make money off it and put it on the Internet. Live streaming of it too.

Ah I kinda remember what it was like to not have kids and have loud hot sex, those were the days. Just blast the music and let them enjoy themselves.

My neighbours have sex out the back on their trampoline same time every night. I've coughed I've turned music up and I've even yelled out please shut up but they still just do their thing. It's disgusting atleast be quiet... I don't know how to get them to stop they have kids as well

 I find it amazing that a couple are able to schedule regular sex on a daily basis! Go them!
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OMG they are in their own backyard, next time how about you don't look over the fence like a creepy voyer and i seriously doubt your kids would understand what is going on. Cudos to your neighbors for having a fun and exciting sex life. All you can hope for is that all that sex eventually gets her pregnant and very soon she will be a prude on a mums forum complaining about things that aren't her business......

Soz not soz.

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 *Sorry not *Sorry
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 I hate when people say soz
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 Yes interesting that a punctuation troll would say soz....not a real word di*****d
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B honest and tell them to respect yours and their dignity as u have kids.

They have every right to have sex in their own home and backyard....Tho I can understand that noise may be a bother, Maybe you could say something light that would let them know you can hear them.

 It is against the law to have sex where others can see you
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 She did look over the fence so technically they weren't where they could be seen !
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 That depends on.the fence height lol
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Even if they do have kids, it's their own back yard!
Just play loud music and you won't have to answer questions from your kids or hear them, and don't go looking over the fence to see what they are doing in their own patio area!!

I am that neighbour 😂 and I have kids!!! Stop looking over the fence and stop being a prude.
Maybe try it yourself next time the kids are in bed.

 How about respecting your neighbors and your kids by being quieter. How embarrassing growing up with parents known as the 'noisy sex weirdos'. I hope none of your kids have to go to school with their neighbors, or they'll cop it at school too. No one else wants to hear you f**k.
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 Music is great! It drowns out everything! Not worried about being the weirdo noisy parents that love each other and f#%k. At least I'm not the cranky parents that yell at each other all the time because we don't f*#k.
It's a perfectly natural thing.... And if the lady didn't look over the fence she would have been none the wiser.

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 It's also a perfectly natural thing to take a dump,doesn't mean you should do that in your backyard.
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 This post is a laugh. If people are drinking and loudly chatting in their backyard it's no biggie, but if people are going at it, it's sick??
I'm more offended by drunk bogans every night of the week, than a couple being intimate.

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I'd do poo and throw it at them

 Geee that's so funny....not
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