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If you were a Male and your kids step dad was better off financially then you would you be pissed off ?

My ex is a loser and happy I am not with him
The kids and I would have missed out on nice food holidays nice house if we were with their dad


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It would depend on the kind of male I was. And the kind of male your new partner was too. No one likes smug or having anything shoved in their face.

My ex husband is with a very well off lady. They still prefer to be with me. I think money is nice if it isnt used as a weapon and also used to help those less fortunate.
Children need love more than money.

No, that's immature. Be happy they will have a nice home and things.

My kids are lucky to see a movie once a month with their dad
In holidays my ex takes the kids to maccas for an hour
My current partner and I go away with the kids during school holidays and the zoo
We go camping every long weekend