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Do You have people contacting you if they want something? Or are you the one that contacts people if you want something?

My brother in law only contacts hubby if he wants hubby to purchase concert tickets and takes ages to payback or is in the neighbourhood and needs the toilet or a drink ( non alcoholic ) or is bored
If we are away he wants to know what we are doing or done and what are we eating


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I have a problem with anyone contacting me, period. Whether they admit to wanting something or not. F**k social interaction.

 Sounds like you have depression
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 ^you're right. But that doesn't change my view point. F**k people, and their shitty talking 😎
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My mum only ever contacts me if she wants a lift somewhere or needs something fixed. She makes no effort with me for any other reason.

I don't contact anyone. Do my best to sort my own stuff out. People rarely contact me & that's the way I like it.

 Don’t you have a relationship with your siblings or extended family?
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 Don't have any so it's not a problem.
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 That’s sad
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I very rarely get contacted and if I do it's because someone wants something.

Before my brother became a dad I thought he had time to be at my beck and call