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I really don't think there's a difference in educational outcomes for primary schools. You can't say private is better than public, all schools are different and all kids are different.

 Yes it's more about finding the right school for the right child.
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What does it matter?if you can afford private great, good for you if you can't public is fine too. As long as your kids get an education and are happy.

 Some people can 'afford' private but also have valid reasons to go public. Such as preferring a non religious school, location, not strict on uniform etc. Not arguing just pointing that out.
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Our public schools are really terrible so we went private for that reason only. The education is basically the same however some of the differences at our particular private school they have many more extra after school activities available for free including dance, ballet, tutoring, sports, singing and music lessons, equestrian, swimming, it's all very high quality and they employ professionals to teach. They also attend many more excursions than the local public schools, they hop on a bus and go somewhere once a fortnight and also have various educational groups and shows visit once a week. There is nothing wrong with a good public school if you're fortunate enough to find one!

I think it's more about the school and the class than if it's public or private. My kids are attending public primary and the school and their teachers so far have been wonderful. In saying that, we have opened an account to start saving specifically for private schooling because the one high school in our regional centre is poor. That might change once they are high school aged, but for now we are saving so that private is an option for us.

I would much prefer public schooling. But I would spend the money on a house in a good public school zone.

depends on the kid, depends on the school. My kids are happy at public, my friends kids are doing better at private. DH is against religion in schools as far as our family goes.

Unless your public schools are that bad, go publc. Invest the money saved and have it for when they are ready for private schooling.

private for my kids, a few years before falling pregnant we went to our local primary school for voting and I just did not like the feeling of it so I decided then to put my kids in the local private. We are a low income area so the private school is not super expensive. He loves it there and I am very happy with our decision.
Each to their own when it comes to schooling.

I always thought we would go private but we didn't get in as it was too popular now I'm reply happy with the public school and when ther other one rang to say they had a place now after a year I said don't worry about it she's doing really well so we will stay

Depends in the area more then public v private, i went to private and hubby went public, we were both in very low economic area and the private school was much better. however we have moved to a higher economic area and the public school seems fantastic and we have enrolled our eldest there next year, we are saving for private incase we decide its not as good as it seems.

My older kids go to a private high younger ones go to a public primary school, The only reason my girls go to a private high school because we live in the country and only have one public high school that is really bad, Riddled with drugs, police are called almost every week, kids fighting, people entering the school looking for a fight....really bad school, If had the option to send them to a good public high school I definitely would.....How do I know this ? I worked at the school for 5yrs and saw it all first hand 😕

Public for primary and private for year 6 and beyond