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When is it over?

When have you known your relationship was over? I think I am at that point but I just have so much to give up and I dont know if I am ready to say goodbye. But I know for certain I can't keep living in this loveless and neglectful marriage.


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I am in a same position. I left my martial home , 27/11/2019 Because it was a loveless, hopeless, verbal and emotional abusive relationship. I felt I had wasted my 11 years of life for that marriage. Then, I found a new rental home and moved out thinking to go back to ASAP my already postponed studies. Plan was start studies on the 2nd week of December. First week of new home was so happy as I felt I was brave enough to leave an abusive relationship and start everything from scratch by myself. But, since then I'm crying in bed, no sleep until 2-3 am in the mornings. Then, the next day morning starts with again crying. I don't know what to do..
It's been weeks now, I can't still come to terms to start my leftover studies, and didn't go to my part-time work since Christmas. Everything is stuck now.
But to my husband, he quickly bought a new tv and all the kitchen stuff, with new furnitures and quickly arrange the home like a whole new house.
I feel like, I have done a mistake by leaving that beautiful home. And I missed him.. Even though we fight lot before...

I think you answered your own question. You say you'll be giving up alot but i think you'll be giving up a whole lot more by not getting out there and finding happiness and probably true love. Good luck babe ❤

I felt like this and I kept it to myself. Started to really look after myself and I go out a lot on my own with my new friends. I have also threatened to divorce if he doesn’t lift his game and help around the house. Now I actually enjoy my life I don’t mind having him around. I put effort into our intimate life and things have really improved. Good luck