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What are your thoughts on toddler formula please.


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Haha. Some guy is rubbing his hands together and giggling at the ridiculous nature of parents to buy stuff marketed specifically towards their kids. Glorified milk and full of sugar. Give it a miss. All that bullsh*t marketing stuff about boosting immune systems is utter cr*p. Breastfeeding on the other hand DOES provide nutrients and comfort your toddler needs because it is actually formulated specifically for your kid.

 Not everyone is able to breast feed.
Yet another judgmental mom who tries to make others feel guilty for not being able to breast feed.

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 You're kidding? Not the op but yet another formula mum who finds offence where no offence was 😒😒
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 I Brest fed for 10m, 2.5 , and 3 weeks. L

Breast milk provides nutrition for a toddler with no better replicant. Get over it. No one is slagging formula feeding by answering a question about toddler. Milk with facts.
Feed or don't feed a toddler but facts are facts and Fact is breastfeeding a toddler provides nutrients and immunity little else can replicate.
Toddler milk plays on that.
This wasn't breast vs formula but your butt hurt made it

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 Op here. I agree about the breast feeding. I breast fed for as long as I could but lost my milk from stress of leaving a DV situation and ended up using formula instead until my daughter was old enough to have cows milk.
I just didn't know if it was worth buying the formula for times when my toddler is fussy. Usually she's a good little eater but sometimes she can be fussy with her growing independence.

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I found it helpful because my very willful toddler was a very picky eater. This kept his weight and growth on track when he would refuse all food. My other kids never needed it. Every tool has a proper use, right? For me this was a tool to keep my boy from starving himself.

 Yeah since my toddler has been learning to use her toddler cutlery she sometimes gets frustrated trying to do herself and is a little fussy at times so I thought it would be OK to use to supplement her diet when she refuses to eat.
Which one do you get?

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 S26. My doctor recommended it and gave us some samples. I'd discuss it with your child's doctor.
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My first, the doctor told me to put her on toddler formula. I had trouble with her lack of appetite and she was not putting on weight. She drank lots of milk but just wouldn't eat. She stayed on formula until about 2 when she finally started eating.
I think it's handy in situations like that but if the child eating fine then there is no need for it.

toddler milk is around because they cant advertise baby formula. it is beneficial for some kids, but really it's the same as sustagen we all know it b u t few adults need it.

I had a picky eater who was below weight. I gave him toddler mild to try and get his weight up but he started refusing to eat and only taking the milk. All the health professionals that I spoke to Drs and Health nurses all said that it wasn't necessary and was just a gimmick to get money. They recommended full fat milk and water.

I would just give normal milk rather then formula. As bad as people say cows milk is- it smells and tastes a hell lot better than formula. I think cows milk has to be full cream though- dont think your ment to give babies or young kids light or skim milk but not 100% sure. Im still breastfeeding at the moment as my bubs is only 6months but ill go straight to cows milk when he stops bf- provided its around 12months old.

Toddler formula, no thank you, I would shit myself if I had to put that into my childs body! Fulll of crap and they dont need it. Feed them properly.

Yerp gotta agree I think it's another scam to get money out of guilty mums! They don't need it.

Toddler formula...just a way to get more money out of you.