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Maybe a trigger. Abuse. Please don't read if it may bother you.

Without going into distressing details so not to bring up bad memories too much for anyone, but has anyone ever felt like something has happened- like someone grabbing you as if by "accident" but you know deep down it wasn't an accident and that person had done it on purpose but has gotten away with it because they can pass it off as an "accident" and you're crazy if you think other wise. How do we move on from it?


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I had someone stick their hand up my skirt when I was 16. I was in a crowded area and people were pushing and packed in closely then I felt someone trying to touch my vag. I screamed out and turned and yelled at everyone around me and pretty much got shunned and someone told my bf to 'keep his bitch on a leash'. This was literally 14 years ago and I can still remember it and the way it made me feel so clearly. It's horrible and awful and so completely unfair, but I just told myself that other women experience far worse and to just get over it.
It's a sad fact that as women , we will face things like this all our lives, but the best thing we can do is raise our children to know better and do better so future generations of women can feel safe and not have their bodies touched by others without their consent.

Are you meaning that someone grabbing you on your breast, rump or vagina? I guess you have to either move on or if you can't do that go to counselling.

I once went to a Dr about the eczema on my skin when I was about 17. It isn't that big a deal but my legs were fine it was my face that was the problem. He kept running his hand down my leg saying things like they are not dry at all and how soft they were while looking at me to gauge my reaction. There was no need for him to be touching my leg. It made me uncomfortable at the time but I did not think anything of it. Later I heard he had be accused of molesting a patient and I wondered if I had made too light of the situation.

When i was about 10, i would go and visit my uncle who owned a farm, his son my cousin was 17. My cousin was always touching me, i remember one time in particular when he brang me into the shed and was touching my vagina and grabed my hand and put it down his pants, he was hard, he then put his hand over mine and started to wank while still touching me. All the female cousins who are all around my age were all very fond of him we ( me included) always fight over who got to sit on his lap. It wasnt until years later when i thought back and saw it for what it really was. He now has 7 kids to 3 ladies all who were 16-17 when they got with him, despite he is in his late 30s now his gf is 21 and they have 2 kids together.

I just left it in the past, i didn't want to bring it up. It helps that i dont see/speak to his side of the family and havent in years.

When I was is primary a family friend (religious) was a bit over cuddler and I let him do it heaps all the time I don't remember being felt up but I didn't like my personal space being invaded. At the time I let it happen but he really made a big deal of going out of his way. Weird considering he had two girls of his own. One night I remember it was just him and his youngest and she was carrying on and crying and the door was closed I believe it was around shower/bathetime. However. At the time I was too young to think anything sinister.

I'm piased of because I shoukdve just said my dad cuddles me enough thanks or blatant I don't like it. But I just put up with it coz you're told to give kisses and cuddles to adults.

Thinking back I reckon he was fiddling with her. But then again, maybe just a real affectionate person. If I ask my brother he wouldn't remember if he got cuddled heaps he was too young.

I almost want to confront him but what if I'm wrong ?