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Just a general question- does anyone have their home loan over 30 years instead of 25?


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Yes, we do. Did you need to know anything else about it?

 Awesome. Umm not really but thank you for the lovely offer 😊 ive just had a lot of people saying no one really has them over 30 and i just couldn't believe that to be true
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 We hope to go over 30 too 😊
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 Most people that I know personally who have bought a house before 30 years old have a 30 year loan. My only friends with 20 or 25 year loans had lots of help from their parents or are older.
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 Yes we do.... Another 28 years to go!! 😄
Mortgage is already lower than the rents in the area.

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Yes we are refinacing and our current loan has only 15yrs left...but we will take it over 30yr just in case shit hits the fan finacially but will continue to make extra repayments

I thought 30 years was the norm... I've had a couple of home loans, all over 30 years

Ours is 30. Well 28 left lol. My sil is 30 years too

Ours was 25 to go but with all the extra we pay it should be paid off in 15/20