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Bought my own Valentine's Day present.... again.

My partner of 15 years never ever made an effort. I would be happy with Woolies flowers... or anything he picked up and thought of me.
I told him that a million times and the fact that I always buy my present became some sort of inside joke. But it does hurt me. He is a great guy all around, treats me nicely, helps out at home and with our 2 kids. Anyone else's partner a bit like this?


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Valentine's day is a load of crap pushed by the retail industry.
If you really get upset over a superficial think like that then you got problems.
He's spending his life with you, isn't that good enough? Grow up.

 I agree with your sentiments, I never celebrated Valentine's Day either. I thought, what is the point, we are together, we love each other, so...but you are being a bit harsh. OP has expressed how she feels and if she would like her partner to take some initiative and buy her some flowers or a card or something , maybe she should just let him know.
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 Love is about considering what is important to your partner. If it is important to her that she receives a small recognition of his love on this special day what has he got to lose in giving her this? Dropping into Woolies on the way home to pick up some flowers is an extremely basic task for him but would bring her much joy.
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 I tend to agree with this. I think Valentine’s Day is a bit of a load of crap. But then, the rest of the nation celebrates a day of showing those who ho you care about, a bit of love. So how hard is it to buy some flowers. If my hubby liked flowers it would be sooo easy. Guys are harder to buy for and literally don’t want anything. But i would definitely take any token of kindness or love on one this one day that gets celebrated
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Clearly the day is important to you, and it’s a shame he doesn’t recognise that and make an effort. However, you said he is great as a husband and as a father so you might just have to count your blessings and let this go. After 15 years, its a safe bet that it isn’t going to happen. And if it’s does, it will be a pleasant surprise for you. No expectations means no disappointment.

Valentine’s Day is one of the oldest holidays in the world starting back when the romans around.. I feel like the people who find it rubbish and have so much hatred for it are just some sad lonely people.
Just lighten up even if you are single treat yourself.

 I strongly agree with this.
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My husband is like this. His idea of romance is to kiss my neck while he gropes me when I'm trying to wash the damn dishes. Like thanks hubs, your sexual assault is omg so fu****g much sweet. Cos I wake up before dawn to wait on you hand and foot and to all but wipe the arse of all 6 members of this family, just so you can sweep in and roughly grab at my vagina. Yeah, that TOTALLY puts me in the mood.
Romance? Huh, I wonder what that is!

 OMG do you live in my house? Minus the 6 people I could have written this word for word.
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Some people think Valentine’s Day is bullshit, me included. I wouldn’t worry too much about it if he’s a good bloke every other day of the year.

 I agree, but some sort of acknowledgment would probably not go astray, especially if you have feelings for someone or a new relationship.
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Single mum here my kids took me to dinner 😍

 That is beautiful
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I need to be a lesbian. I'll romance the shit out of you! I'll buy you flowers every pay day, chocolates once a month, and valentines day would involve some candles and flowers and a nice dinner with some light music. You bet your a*s I'd romance you!
Sadly, I love the doodle too much to go lesbian. And you're already in a relationship. Maybe in another life.

I can understand how you would be feeling really hurt given you have expressed how important this day is to you. What does he respond with when you talk to him about it? Does he dismiss you? What did you get him as a present/gift?

Hubby and I discuss in advance whether we want to celebrate each year. For all celebrations including Christmas! . Haha this year we are doing a wonderful date out (we have two kids under 2). Lunch first, then home to feed baby, then out to the movies. We both enjoy quality time together so we are really excited. No cards, we just wished each other happy Valentine’s Day. We are both looking forward to our date to tomorrow.

Just wondering if you got him something for Valentine's?

 I actually did!
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My partners idea of a valentines day present was putting on his 10 inch strap on, not even joking

 This sounds like my hubby !!!!!!
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 Lol same happen to you?
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We were too tired for Valentine's day this year. He worked the day & I worked the Thursday night. That's ok though cause I didn't care this year either. It's just a day I know we have a whole lifetime together full of of great memories.

Valentines Day is a crock. Don’t expect him to feel the way you do about the silly, forced day. He’s a great guy, just because Hallmark have told you it should be something special doesn’t mean it should. Let it go.

I got maccas, how romantic

 For yourself?
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I think Valentine's Day is stupid, but when I was younger my ex never used to do anything either and I kinda felt like he was hinting that he didn't give a crap about me enough to acknowledge I was his girlfriend.
Now I'm older tho, my partner gets me things and I think if I wanted it I wouldve got it myself. And it puts pressure on me to get something for him now too. I'm still grateful but it's just another day, not like a birthday or Xmas or anniversary

 You’re a sour puss
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