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What chills you out?

Looking for ideas to help with anxiety and stress, What relaxes you? I just want to be worry-free for a while. Glass of wine and a bubble bath isn't cutting it.


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The mindfulness colouring book. Sounds silly but it is so relaxing

 I want to give this a try
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 Yes i bought one the other day and spend at least an hour on it everyday!!
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I agree with the mindfulness colouring book. I have lots now and i find it very relaxing. Just think how quiet the kids are whilst colouring. I think it has an even better effect on adults. :)

 Where do you get them from
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 Kmart, target, bookshop
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 ACB stores
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Never thought of day it but going to the gym, I feel so much better after it.

 I love swimming, even taking the kids to the pool is completely relaxing for me.
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