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How long does it take for ftb payments to be processed after claiming online. We applied the 12th of Jan 16 and nothing yet.


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I called three times, the last being 6weeks since I'd applied, during that last call Centrelink directed my phone call to where they process the claims and it was done right then while I was on the phone.

 How long did it take till you received claim in your bank?
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I have been waiting 5 weeks and they said they will get back paid.its frustrating being a single mum my parenting payment only covers my rent so my children have a roof over there head

 hi there have you recieved your paymets?
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I checked my ftb claim this morning, it finally says completed. But then theres no more details, my payment info hasnt updated and nothing else has changed... any one got any idea as to what this means?

 I’m waiting for this info as well I claimed for a lump sum as I don’t get paid during the year & this was in April. I’ve only received a letter for CCS and that was the 27th of May
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 I've got this too, how long did u have to wait after saying completed?
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It should be done in 14 days for online claims, however, it can take up to 28 days. I know it's annoying, but give Centreline a call and see what is happening. Last time mine didn't come through, they said that they were waiting on my hubby's tax return number. (Our tax had come back 5 weeks earlier!) I gave them his return number and the money was in my account 48 hours later!

Mine was done straight away. Depends on the circumstances. Give them a call and see what is happening

 How long did the money take before it came into your account ?
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My claim was finally processed today after waiting 16 weeks!

 Did you have to call them? I’ve been waiting 15 weeks coming up 16.
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 Yep, I called at 8am on the dot. All I asked was an update on the progress of my claim and they finally processed it there and then. Told me money should be in my account in 2 days! I applied all the way back in June so payment was way overdue.
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 I'm 13 weeks now. It's been in financial hardships for 5 weeks, been to complaints 1 and complaints 2, currently with ombudsman too.... Still nothing.
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You can actually call the complaints line if you can't get through to the claims line. They're really helpful

 Agreed a Centrelink worker from families said if I really wanted to get things going to ring them and they are so helpful, we found out my claim was completed yesterday and now it’s just a matter of days before it’s all finalised as it goes through their system! Was great to finally get answers and a time frame sort of.
I’m just waiting for their system to catch up now which she said can take a day or two. Silly computers

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 When did you lodge your claim?
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 I applied on.August 29 and only got my FTB last week. But I got an email saying they stopped.My payments cause I need to update my address. So annoying.
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I have applied bub was due 29th Dec still no payment, i reckon its a long wait

Hi everyone, I put my claim in on August 29th and waited 5 weeks for them to process it. I think what sped it up was me telling them I was going through financial hardship and really needed the money. They then sent an urgent note through. My claim was processed that same day and I got paid on Thursday of the same week. If you can't get through to the claims line call the complaints line. They'll help you instead.

I just received a task that my payments were stopped because I have to update my addy. So annoying when you wait for a while only for them to stop it again. So I'm gonna bloody well call them again in the morning.

 How can I get through to the claim line. I applied since 2nd of August for single parenting payment but haven't heard anything from them. Called the complaint line 5 Dec til date no changes. Don't know what else to do.
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I applied for FTB last month and am waiting to hear back. Struggle is real.when you constantly.check online mail to see if you got anything

 I am in the same boat. Applied for FTB a month ago and still waiting. Struggling is a hassel.
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 I applied 3 1/2 months ago too. And have rang many times and they say the same thing , it’s still being processed! Real annoying !
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I submitted my FTB by form since Dec.2017, but I still have not received any answer or payment yet, it has been more than three months already

 I submitted a claim for parenting payment Jan15th 2018 and have not received any response yet ( over 10 weeks ago). I’ve checked with them a few times and they say they have all the info, just waiting in line to be processed. Must be a huge back log.
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 yeah and?
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I'd give centrelink a call.
Odds are, you need to provide some more paperwork and they haven't told you.

 Oh and download the app first. That way you can upload the documents while you're talking to them and they can hopefully process it then and there.
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Am waiting for mine too, feel your pain. It's irritating.

 I suggest you ph centrelink. Just phoned and there was no reason for not processing. So hopefully by Monday things will be happening . Best to phone before 2 pm because then the Urgent Department can process it for you immediately. Hope you get sorted soon😀
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Hi applied for family tax benefits on the 15th of August how much longer do i have to wait