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Who are you having an affair with?

Who are you having an affair with? Boss, co-worker, friend, etc?

Has your husband met him?


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Chris Hemsworth. Every single night. Then in the morning I wake up and it all felt like a dream.

 I can’t believe he’s cheating on me!!!
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Your mumma

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My bed

 Me too. Best ever.
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 Oh god yes, I dream of that all day long
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Best friend/ex fiance. We broke up and i had a fling. I got pregnant and stupidly rushed into marriage. We were jever really in love. Our child has special needs so we stay together as a team for him for now. When i get an occasional break my ex and i meet for a roll in the hay. We hope to reunite when my son can cope with it.

 Your poor husband.. does he know? Even if their isn’t a lot of love between you he obviously cares about you and would have some love toward you being married with a child.. surely he would hurt to know your cheating with your ex?
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 He knows. He's also seeing someone. We care about each other but we have never had love for each other.
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 It’s not an affair if your husband knows and is seeing someone else
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My plumber. He said he'd wifes a blonde & he always had a thing for dark headed chicks....

 Nothing like getting things unclogged by a plumber
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A dad from school and yes my husband has meet him.

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Chocolate, can’t get enough of it.

 Me too
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Anybody and everybody! If they are up for it why not

I am from the country and I rent a room below a house and share it with a guy. He is a lot older but we just get along and one thing led to another over some good wine. I am really enjoying it.
I have a boyfriend back in the country and go home most weekends but to be honest it is boring. The city guy is a winner and Sunday nights start the week off so well :):)

My neighbour

 When does he drop over to throw the leg??
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In my fifo town.
No we both have families and don't exist to each out outside of work on weeks

It’s ended now, but a co-worker and yes my husband had met him at the Christmas party

Hes a former coworker of my brother in law. Hes says he met my husband and I at a party a long time ago but I dont remember and doubt my husband does.

My brother in law

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 ^ sluzza
Omg I haven’t heard that in so long 😂😂😂 fu****g best!! Bringing it back!!

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 Hahaha me either!

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 hahah I love sluzza.
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