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Have any breastfeeding mums not had to supplement with formula?

I would love some advice on feeding. With my older two kids I had to supplement with formula for weight gain. This lead to low supply and breast rejection. Am trying not to supplement this time!


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I breastfed 2 kids for over 18 months each, one of them with tongue tie that didn't get picked up for weeks and by then we decided to just leave it. I would demand feed, drink plenty of water, eat healthy nutritious food and if your baby is cluster feeding, it doesn't mean you're not making enough, babies just cluster feed sometimes. And don't gage milk production by how much you can express, a baby is way more efficient at getting milk out than a pump.

 I completely agree with this. A breastfeed baby will feed alot more, they will feed for comfort as well. The more you feed the more you will make. Goodluck!
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No formula ever in the house for my 2. Made lots of lactation cookies for the first time round, then trusted my body for the second. Drink plenty of water, and the first week is critical in getting your body to recognise the new requirements of the baby. We pretty much laid in bed and just fed for the first 3 days.

I second the lactation cookies and lots of water. Almost almonds work super well for me and eating oats everyday for breakfast. First two babies I had to supplement third I was determined not to. Just over a year and still going strong. Also second spending as much time in those first few weeks with baby on your boob just demand feed use a sling or wrap if you can, even at the supermarket my bun would be on the boob the whole shop 😂😂

Yes I never supplemented with formula. I didn't have big weight gains initially but I trusted my body and persevered. It was worth it in the end! Good luck!

I've never supplemented with my 3. Work with an IBCLC if you need. Focus on your baby- alertness and wet nappies rather than their weight. Any gain is good! Trust in your body, and feed feed feed :-)

 My daughter lost 20% of her birth weight in the first 2 days of her life because I didn't have adequate milk. She needed an NG tube. Not all women have adequate supply. I did everything I was told and still could not feed either of my babies.
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 Im sure your milk was fine but maybe your baby just was slow to gain initially. You did a great job dont let people tell you your milk is inadequate. I definitely recommend seeing an independent breastfeeding lactation consultant. Unfortunately people giving breadtfeeding advice are not always very well trained when it comes to breastfeeding or are using old and out dated information
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 I second the other reply, I made no milk, not a drop...
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Same as most of the other posters - just drink tons of water (I drink 3L a day) and always have a good breakfast.

I breastfed three children and never supplemented. I don't know what to tell you though. Are you demand-feeding?

 Yes demand feed.
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Are you already experiencing problems or are you just anticipating the same thing you had with your other children?

OP Am just worried.
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Ive breastfeed two babies with no formula. First until 15 months and second is 15 months and still feeding. Checkout the facebook page called breastfeeders australia. Heaps of ladies with lots of information.

Fed four kids for 18 months - 2 years. Never gave a bottle of formula to any of them . If they need more for weight gain just feed them more. It's a simple demand and supply cycle. Give them more and you produce more milk.

Yes I have. Lots of water, good nutritious foods, feed on demand. I had a lot of milk and that helped. Give the Australian breastfeeding association a call, talk to them and ask them what they recommend. they are a great resource for breastfeeding.

I had to supplement my first with formula despite demand feeding and all the right things, he was not gaining weight or thriving as i would have liked. Fully bottle fed by 4 months. My second is nearly one and we are still going strong bf with no end in sight. Never needed supplements. Every child is so different. You will know what's best. Good luck

3 kids fully bf no formula. I found lots of water really helped, maybe speak to the ABA for some good advice