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What made you leave your partner? Do you regret it?


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I left because in the end I just felt pity for him and came to despise it. The threats to hurt himself if I left, the jealousy if I spoke to a man (even in a shop - no eye contact or I’m flirting), the need for me to be with him every waking hour (don’t work don’t have hobbies), the emotional blackmail and the childish temper tantrums where he’d break stuff.
The irony was he was the one who had cheated.
Looking back, he needed professional help but I was very young and didn’t see it (18-21 I lived with him). He was much older.
And after stalking me on and off for a few years he got a new girlfriend to fixate on. The threats to hurt himself never came to pass.
These men should come with warning labels.

After we got engaged he asked me to sign a shared financial living together agreement (like a pre nup). If we broke up I couldn't take any of his super, any investments or any part of his house. I was happy to sign it if it became void when we had children, but he said no. I decided it wasn't worth the risk that I may have to walk away with nothing down the track so I left him.

He left me because he was/is an unsupportive selfish person
No I don’t regret it. I was going to leave him anyway.

I broke up with a boyfriend (we lived together) a few years ago because even though he was a great man who adored me, i didnt love him, i loved him, but i didnt looooooovvvvveeee him, so i thought id be brave, walk away in the hope that true love would find me.

True love did find me, it was magical, then that guy abandoned me while pregnant and i have been single ever since. 10 years.

Sooo having lived and learned i would say, yes i regret it, if i had stayed with ‘great man’ we would be living the life by now.

Love is over rated.

 I don't believe that was love from what you described.
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 Thank you, you are a probably right, and your comment makes me feel better in some sort of way.
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 Sounds like you've given him way too much credit. I did that once with a man took me years to see the truth. He left you at a vulnerable time he wasn't a good man. You deserve better.
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Left because my ex was abusive. Emotional financial and in the end sexually and physically as well
The day we got married was when i started being treated like a possession And most of it started.

His father also put into ex’s head that any man i talked too including brother in laws, that i was having affairs with.

The final straw for me to move out instead of him was he decided that as I wouldn’t have sex with him (had been over a year) that he would force himself onto me 2days after i had surgery- he literally waited till i was in pain, and recovering from abdominal surgery unable to defend myself or push him away, to force sex.. apparently saying no and crying from the pain wasnt good enough as it was apparently his right to do it..!

Best thing i ever did was leave

I left after having my son. He was always off doing this own thing, stupidly assumed he would make more if an effort once we had a child. But no went on a boys trip three weeks before the baby was due. I was having very mild un regular contractions before he left, but got a mouthful of abuse for suggesting he not go. He assumed I was at my mum's sulking when he got home, but I was at the hospital giving birth. He didn't even care that he missed the birth, just that I had named the baby and used my last name. Was an easy decision to make.

 ^^ Good on you lady👍👍😂
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I was living with my son 7ish, boyfriend and his teenage daughter. The daughter had a new boyfriend who was coming over regularly, money went missing from my boyfriend's wallet and the daughters boyfriend said he had seen my son with money the day it went missing. I had noticed money missing but wasn't sure so hadn't said anything a few days before when the daughters boyfriend was there then too.
My son said it wasn't him and I can tell if her lying, and I don't think it was him. But the doubt was there, I ended up moving out because my son felt so uncomfortable living there.
I don't regret leaving, but we had a great relationship and I often wonder what could have been.
That is the only relationship break up story I have that is interesting.

 Wouldn’t you assume the girls boyfriend immediately? The new kid comes around and suddenly money goes missing. I would’ve confronted him before leaving a great relationship.
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 I did point out that it was the new boyfriend, but we didn't know for sure.
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Factor in kids and it gets really hard. I don’t regret it because the kids understand we aren’t both happier apart and they see it.

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Well, I stayed when he raped me. I stayed when he tried to isolate me from my friends. I stayed when he caused a rift between me and my family. I stayed when he tried to control my every second. I stayed when he hit me. It wasn't until he started talking about me giving up my HSC that I started to realise something wasn't great there. Apparently, I needed that schooling cos I'm dumb as shit.
I left that piece of shit and never looked back. What a motherfucker, asking me to give up my chance at a good future, so that I could be a loser* like him. All he wanted was to possess me. He even told me outright that he'd marry me and take me away to somewhere we could be alone, forever. Until we started having babies of course. He wanted me to give him that. Kids as intelligent as him, but with my looks. But they definitely had to be as smart as him, he was the smartest guy ever 😂
Hahaha, no chance chuckles. Thank the Lord we weren't living together and my parents were supportive once I dumped his a*s.

*not everyone who doesn't do their HSC is a loser. But this guy definitely was. Although, even if he'd stayed and finished his schooling, he'd probably been even more arrogant and annoying.

 Your story made me sad, then happy, then so fu****g proud of you 💜
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 Aaw thank you ☺
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His mother

 Can we ask what happened?
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 She was similar to Marie on everybody loved Raymond. She moved 3 houses down from us.
She ended up moving in with us and when no one was home I moved out and luckily we no children involved.

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I am in a relationship to a good man. The problem is he didn’t believe in me and now that I have proven how good I am and how strong and capable he is suddenly proud to have me as his wife. I feel so sad that it feels like I was a bother before a nobody. I have never thought that about him and yet that is what he thought of me. I believe he even cheated on me. :( I am lost I don’t know what to do I don’t want to break up the family but I feel like I am being used and I’m not in love with him.

 Leave him, live your life. There is so much joy waiting for you.
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I'm thinking of leaving but I don't seem to have a "reason" other then I feel like I'm growing as a.person and he isn't. Then I feel shit because is that even a good enough reason to leave, especially when he is a good dad/husband etc

 Maybe your growing as a person because his so supportive.
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 Just sit with it. Let time give you the answer. Don't leave until you're sure.
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 Unless he is trying to stop your growth or hold you back, then that is definitely not a good enough reason. You’ve not “grown apart” from your high school boyfriend. He’s your husband who you share kids with. You’re going to leave and break up your family because you’ve experienced personal growth? Sounds so selfish. Imagine trying to explain that to your kids.......
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