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Crazy wedding stories

Anything unusual/funny happen at your wedding?


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A 5 year old boy yelled out why is a woman wearing a tuxedo
It was a lesbian wedding

 The kid clearly needs to get with the times, my daughter is 8 & wears a tuxedo to events as she hates dresses
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The priest left out the ‘kiss the bride’ part. My bogan cousin yelled out Kiss the bride, the priest told him off for yelling out during the service then said quietly to us kiss if you want and just walked back to the altar. The special moment was lost.

 by the priest or the cousin?
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 The cousin ruined it for me. I was upset the priest forgot to say it but the cousin yelling out was just so bogan. I was really embarrassed. Then the priest telling him off was just as bad. No respect for my husband and I.
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 Naw that sucks- sending you a hug
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My SIL announced her 5th pregnancy

 It's stops being a surprise after 2...oh your pregnant again? Shocker...
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 Your SIL is just plain rude
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 Sounds like mine
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Not my wedding but the groom went for a surf before the wedding and lost his car keys, and couldn't get a back . We all turned up to the ceremony and he wasn't there. There was another wedding after so they couldn't wait. They had the photos and reception that day, and had a registry wedding a month later.

My male friend expressed his love for me and tried to stop the wedding. Was very interesting haha

 😆 fun story. Is he still in your life?
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 No he isn't. I told him that I love my husband and he chose to leave and step away from the friendship. Which I completely understand, just wish he had of told me before the wedding. He was very angry at me for inviting him and rubbing it in his face. But I had no idea. No one had any idea. So as I said I wish he had of told me before the wedding. But oh well. Been 8 years now!
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Our photographer and our DJ got into a fight at the wedding because the DJ was taking photos and photographer did not like it. They clearly did like each other and I’m certain had a history.

Not mine. But my friend got married and invited the guy she was having an affair with to the wedding.
Weird on many levels.

 She likes to live life dangerously
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Got bitten by a wasp in my face. Let’s just say my wedding pics are all heavily photoshopped - I had a massive swelling bruise in my eye!