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Has anyone moved to America?

Love to hear stories about moving to the states. Thank you


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Okay I’m not moving to America more cons then pros 😂 but I have decided to move to Queensland instead (iv been there before so I know what it is like).
Thanks everyone for saving me getting shot xx

 I'm sorry OP but did you seriously make a decision this massive, based on what a few people have written?
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Crime can be an issue in Dallas.
…which, in a city of this size, is a bit like saying that there are some tall buildings in New York. Of course, there is crime in any major urban area.’s data shows that 7.67 Dallas city residents per 1,000 are the victims of violent crime and 34.79 residents per 1,000 are property crime victims.

Both of these numbers are well above the average for Texas, which are 4.34 and 27.6, respectively.

Lived there for a little over a year. Life is tough! You have no healthcare and getting a job is very hard. Wages are super low. It is not easy at all. Lifestyle isn't great either. We came back to QLD

OP Where did you live? Thanks!
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 Gastonia, NC

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 But no matter where you live in the US it's the same struggle with health care, dental, work and wages. You must take enough to set yourself up, get a car, pay insurance, housing and cover yourself for months. Life in USA isn't great.
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Honestly from all the answers I’m not sure why you’d want to 🤨 just being honest. Why don’t you consider moving somewhere a bit different in Australia, like Darwin or Tasmania (if you do t come from those places now) or change of city for example... or move to NZ!!

I can’t answer what it is like to move there but I can tell you about living there. I am American but have lived here for 8 years.
Why do you want to move there? Have you got a job lined up? Be aware that wages are not as high there as here. Also do you have a health problems? There is no national healthcare and you will be required to purchase private healthcare which is quite expensive and you can be denied coverage for any pre-existing conditions. Life is quite different there I find than here.

OP I honestly don’t know, I could have worked lined up if I was going to make the jump and move that’s not a problem, maybe looking for change. I am worried it is not as safe as australia
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 It will depend on where you move to I suppose. Most of the big cities do have serious crime problems but that is true just about anywhere you go in the world. But there is more and more crime showing up in the smaller rural areas as well. Drugs play a part in that, particularly meth and OxyContin. If you have school age kids they will learn about and practice lockdowns for active shooters. It is a sad fact of life now, even my oldest had lockdown practices before we moved. It is more prevalent now. The political lines are deeply divided right now and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. Neither side can see eye to eye.

I know I am sounding all doom and gloom but those are things you have to be aware of. I am proud of where I came from and do not hide the fact that I am American but I can see there are some true flaws. But there is a lot to experience. It is a beautiful country and there is a lot to see and do from the big cities to the high plains to the mountains, desert and coasts. The people can be kind and gracious. Houses, cars and shopping centres are bigger and you are spoiled for places to eat. It just depends on what you are looking for and what you want out of your experience living there. Do a lot of research. See if you can find an Australian expat group online and pick their brains.

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OP I’m thinking Texas, have you been or know much about it? Thank you xo
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 Texas us super expensive. Hard to find work live in Bradford TX for 5 years
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 The gun culture is very big in Texas. Also be wary if you move to any of the border cities. The Wall is being built and it has divided everyone. The coastal areas can get hit with some pretty fierce hurricanes. The most recent was Hurricane Harvey in 2017 which caused over $100 billion in damage and widespread flooding. I do not know the average cost of living in Texas but there are some good online calculators that can help you with that and help you determine how much you would need to earn to live comfortably.
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