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So over my inlaws. Rant not a question

LOTS of history from the past 25 years but they just rocked up unannounced. We have had a super busy weekend and im actually taking some time to chill out, lay on the couch, watch the footy. FIL walks in "are you feeling poorly?" Me "no, just chilling out coz I can". Next MIL walks in and looks at me "you alright, you look like you're dead" (gee fucking thanks). Me - "im fine" MIL "well its not like you to be laying on the couch". FFS! God forbid I snuggle on the couch in my own house watching the footy after a busy weekend when its freezing outside. I work 2 jobs and run the house and hubby is away tomorrow for 2 weeks. Surely im allowed some down time before making dinner and getting school stuff ready?


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Yeah. F**k those guys. Tell your MIL you actually DO feel a bit under the weather and would she mind being a dear and making you a cup of tea/making the dinner/chucking a load of washing on for you *queue big puppy dog eyes*

Personally, I'm lucky, my MIL is the best. But I know the type of asshole you're referring to. My own mum can be like that. Like damn woman, I need to relax too.

OP Ha! My MIL is a mean, fat, lazy bitch! She came over a few weeks ago and said to hubby - "how long do i have to wait for a cuppa". Hubby told her to ask nicely and she told him to shove his cuppa up his a*s!
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 Well, good damn OP, you have a rip snorter of a MIL right there!!! I would have told hubby to shove his foot up her a*s as he kicked her out the door!!!
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When I started reading this I thought a guy was writing it.

ask them if they would say that to your husband if HE was watching footy, or would that be ok since hes a man?

tell them to F off, its your house.
Have a glass of bubbles,
You do not have to explain anything or justify anything to them.
sending lots of hugs for you