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What ready-to-eat snacks can I have on hand for my teenagers?

They aren’t overly fussy just super lazy (as most teenagers are) Want to make sure there is always something in the fridge and cupboard for them to just grab and go. Im not much of a baker and work full time so not keen on cooking too much. Thanks


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Corn thins with peanut butter
Rice crackers
Corn chips with guacamole or salsa
Hommus with veggie sticks
Yoghurt with museli
Toasted sandwiches
Nuts: almonds, pistachio, cashews
Banana bread
Pizzas made on English muffins
Kabana & Cheese
Dip and biscuits
Creamed rice
Custard with fruit
Dried fruit

 Coles have a home brand Sun Dried Tomato dip which is great with crackers, and cheap and yummy.
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OP Fantastic list, thank you for taking the time to help me
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 That’s an impressive list. I think my son would like to move in with you.
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My kids like to eat noodle cups and pasta packs, fruit, toasties, eggs, bacon, milo, nut bars, soup, pancakes, leftovers, yoghurt, chips, rice crackers, biscuits, prawn crackers, pies. They eat everything actually unless it involves putting more than 2 ingredients together 😆

OP Sounds alot like my kids
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How about a tail mix you can put in a jar or big container so they can help themselves, just mix together whatever you think they'll eat: a range of nuts, sultanas or other dried fruits, pumpkin seeds, flaked coconut, puffed brown rice, puffed corn

I would cook bulk dinners, so there was always leftovers in the fridge for hungry hunters to dig into. Casseroles with vegetables incorporated in them are very good for that.

I cook two dinners each night and the left overs are for snacking when they get home.

We have an air fryer and they make chips and chicken in it takes 19 mins

Cheerios dipped in tomato sauce.
Mini pizzas, You can get the mini pizza bases from the supermarket, and have the toppings ready to go.
We used to have them for dinner one night a week, on request.

Two options that are high in fibre and very filling are:
Canned baked beans, mashed, and spread on wholemeal toast.
Roasted chickpeas. They are in the gluten free part of the supermarket. There is a brand called The Happy Snack Company. Same company has Roasted Fava beans, but I have not tried them.

If one of them is keen on learning to cook, maybe on a weekend teach them to make savoury cheese scones.

The challenge is to guide them to snacks that are not junk food.

OP We tried the fava beans and they were horrible. They both cook one dinner meal each per week. This is just mainly snacky things. They will make their own eggs etc
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 Good for me to know without having to waste the money to buy a pack and then throw it out !
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On the weekend bulk make bliss balls (even better, get them to do it) - can store them in the freezer.

Rice Krispy Treats (LCM bars): you just melt some marshmallows and add in rice bubbles then let it cool in a lined dish.

Easy foccacia buns: equal parts plain full fat natural yoghurt, self raising flour, and any seasonings/add ins you like (I like to add herbs and cut olives, then top with cheese), mix it and chop into bits and bake. You could use greek yoghurt if you had that on hand instead of natural, as long as it's plain and is full fat.

I make my own pies and sausage rolls once a month to keep in the freezer, they're fully cooked you just microwave before eating, but that might be more than you're willing to do (its time consuming and fiddly).

You could make up burritos and freeze them.

Boiled eggs?

My best tip is: find a youtube channel of a large family and take their recipes. You'll get bulk amounts. But if your teens are anything like I was, they'll be happy to have the extra snacks available.

Curried eggs: hard boiled, peeled, halved, then yolk scooped out and mixed with Keens curry powder and salad cream, then placed back in the whites. I used to do a dozen at a time, and they went very quickly.