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Has anyone gotten a 100% home loan?

Can you apply for a bit more than what you actually need or just the buying price? Hoping for a bit extra to cover initial solicitor fees, pesr inspection etc. Sorry for all the questions, new to the buying world. Tia x


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We did when we were 20. Parents went guarantor on it. Borrowed 100% . Through Rams. Two years in they were signed off and two years later we sold and were left with 20% deposit for next house which we never could have saved whilst renting with two young kids

Typically you need some form of equity as a "deposit" if you dont have the cash. Dont forget you also need stamp duty added to the loan ( approx 18k for a 500k home). Banks are really tightening up at the moment. We have a home we are selling and have found another we want to buy. We need to get a bridging loan now ( however in December we found another home for an extra 65k and didnt need a bridging loan) our wages circumstances etc are all the same the banks are just taking less risks

No bank will lend you more than 90% of the property value....they need their money back if you default....but if you have more than 10% deposit they may....we are refinacing and the banks have tightened the reins considerably

You can as long as you have equity that equates to the price of the deposit.