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Uncircumcised Hubby?

Just want to get a rough idea of uncircumcised age groups, can you share weather you’re in Australia or not, age and circumcision status of your hubby and sons (sons age)


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Australian, hubby 35, uncircumcised.
Sons 1y and 3.5y, uncircumcised. Didn't even discuss it, neither of us even considered it. Would do it if medically required.

I’m just on 23, my partner in uncut and I like them uncut. I don’t have boys but they will be staying intact.

I’ve played with 1 circumcised penis out of 20odd guys and didn’t overly enjoy it.

The current stats are 78% of Australian born male babies are uncircumcised if that helps. I researched it recently to help with my decision. I don't have any strong views for or against personally so I decided to go with the majority so that my son is like his peers.

DP chose to get cut a few years before we met, which I love. I have had my fair share of both types and always preferred a circumcised penis. To me there is nothing more sexy, beautiful and handsome than a penis that is well circumcised.

Having said that, while we didn't have any boys if we had have there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY that they would have been cut.

I think it is a terrible, barbaric thing to do to a poor child. Besides, better to leave the choice to him when he gets older (like DP's parents did). I think all the parents in our circle of friends have left their boys intact.

DP and I are both in our mid-40s and in Melbourne,

Partner is 34 he’s been cut and our son is 12 and so is he, my brother is 35 he was not done nor is his son who is 12 also .

35 years old Aussie and uncut. Wouldn’t have it any other way! The feel and look and smell all part of being a whole bloke

Hubby Aussie born 40 yo, was cut last year. First son cut at 2 for medical reasons, second son uncut. In hindsight, would have done both at birth.

 Why did your husband have to have it done? How do you find the "before and after"? Do you have a preference?
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Hubby late 30S - cut as an adult due to medical reasons.
3 sons (8,6,3) - all uncut but would if medically required.

 What's your hubby's take on before and after? Better, worse, the same, just different or no different?
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 My hubby got done while we’ve been together, he isn’t impressed with it and I can tell he misses his foreskin
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 Op of this comment - there was an adjustment period for him. Everything was really super sensitive and he had to learn to pee again haha But he prefers being cut (aside from not being able to aim as well as previously lol). He said sex is much more enjoyable now - he used to get pain as his foreskin was tight and had to take the time to "warm up" a bit whereas now we can get straight into it for a quickie ;)
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 Similar, my husband got circumcised at 40 due to a tight foreskin. It used to be fine but then he couldn't retract the skin. Anyway it has taken him about a year to be fully in control of his new toy as he was super sensitive. We had read up on it a lot before the op, so kind of new what we would be in for. Sex was sensitive for him at first but now he is fine. Top tip, go on top and grind not bounce !!!..... he will last longer ;-)
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Husband is uncircumcised (46). He was born in the UK so pretty normal to be uncircumcised. My brother in law is circumcised. Got chatting to my sister about it as caught a glimpse when he was changing to swim in our pool. She said he got it done when he was in his late teens. She says that it really nice clean look and being my sister told me that the head of his penis is definitely bigger than any of her previous boyfriends (and she smiled !! hahaha).

I’m a young Australian who has only had uncircumcised guys in Australia but travelled the US and all I seen were circumcised. I’m honestly not a fan of cut guys but that could be from only growing up and having uncircumcised guys all the time. My sons will not be circumcised

 Hmm I've never left Australia, but all I've seen were circumcised men 💁
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 What’s your age group? Im young 20s
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 Also in my 20s
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 I am young 30s and the majority have been uncut.
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31 year old hubby, Australian, circumcised as a baby.
2 sons. Son 1: 6 years old, Australian, circumcised as an infant.
Son 2: 6 months old, Australian, uncircumcised but will be done next year.

 You won’t leave him uncut?
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 No. He needs to be done for medical reasons anyway, and since we're Jewish it was already on the cards. It was supposed to be done a couple of days after he was born but we've had some other things to deal with before it could happen.
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 That's pretty savage yourself. Our 4 year olds not done but we've thought about it because it's long & it rubs & gets all red. We still might if we continue to have problems. Not everything is cut n dry in the world. You're very judgmental.
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 Both of my sons have a long foreskin and yes they rub on things but once they grow up their penis will grow into the foreskin and it’ll all work out, you’ll be better off saving it for him
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 My hubby has a long foreskin and oh my god it’s the best, I’ve had my fair share of cut and uncut but long foreskins are just that much better to me
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I haven’t had much experience with cut guys, bf is uncut and his little boy is uncut too
Australia, both 20 and his son is 1 1/2yo

 I’m the same, 28 years old.
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Partner 29 cut. He still has enough skin to cover the head and looks uncut when flacccid. I dont know if thats common? Cuts better for blowjobs and doesnt smell like pee if they havent washed properly. Uncuts better for handjobs. All the same really. Dont have boys but wouldnt bother unless there was problems.

Husband 50 cut, son 14 cut. everyone I've bben with is cut, The thought of uncut makes me puke.