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Formula feeding. Do you or did you continue on with toddler milk or regular cows milk?


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Off the point: I have a 5yr old boy in my kindy room that still gets packed nappies, formula bottles and dummies which i think is lame as f**k. No actual reason, but 'mummy doesnt want him to grow up'.

 Did mummy actually say that?
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 He could have a medical condition that he may need those things.
Don't be so quick to judge. If he is a healthy 'normal' child then yes I agree he shouldn't still have these things it its it up to you or me to say that it's lame.

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 Mummy says she doesnt want to rush him. No medical issues. The boy actually tells me 'mummy said no toilet' when i try to get the nappy off him- like if i change his nappy im like 'lets put some jocks on and go to the toilet' and hes like no mummy said no toilet just nappies.
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 The mum obviously has some sort of mental disorder. OCD, germaphobe from him using shared toilets? Have any of the teachers spoken to her?
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 I think someone needs to talk to mum or dad. How will that poor kid cope next year at school
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I went to cows milk at one and my twins both started not sleeping well, this lasted a few weeks. They ate everything so I knew there were not allergies. Went to toddler formula, they had 240ml at bedtime and slept from 7pm till 6-7am unless they were sick which was not often. They had toddler formula until 3yrs.
They still eat dinner at 5pm and have a sandwich and a glass of milk before bed and sleep for at least 10 hrs and they are 5.

I ran out of formula a couple of days before my son turned one. I wanted him off the bottles by one anyway so we just started giving him cows milk. He had no problems coming off the bottle or off the formula.

I have friends who's kids are almost 2 and they still give their kids bottles everyday with formula. I don't think its necessary unless they aren't getting a good variety of foods in their diet, but each to their own.

I was told by Drs and health nurses that Toddlers milk was was just a gimmick to get more money. Based on that I just switched to cows milk.

When my son was 1, I changed to cows milk purely because I couldn't afford formula really anyway but I made it work for aslong as I could.

With my daughter she was 1-1/2 and changed to cows milk. She looooooved it way more then formula

We started changing over to milk once we swapped to cups amd cutting out bottles.