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Feeling a little disconnected to my husband, sex, time , making time.

So on the weekend I feel asleep on the couch as I both of us sometimes do and when I came to bed hubby was very affectionate and we had sex. However normally he always makes sure I come 1st. But sometimes when I'm to tired I enjoy the sex but am to tired to climax. Any I was up for the whole thing and it ended up being literally bang bang bang and he was done. Now I have never felt used but I totally felt like a piece of meat. He feels bad. I feel like shit. I said to him that he needs to REALLY try to make me feel valued and loved again and so far he is kind of trying but I need more. ( Side note he is truly amazing and I love him so much but feeling a little down and taken for granted)
What should I do? his birthday is on the weekend and I want it to be special. ( also sex in our relationship is very important and we usually have sex 3-5 times a week.


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I’m sorry, I don’t really understand. Was it the bang, bang, bang that has made you feel undervalued, or was this just the final straw? Have you never had a quickie? Maybe your hubby was tired too and so wanted to finish fast, and you’re really just reading way too much into it.

 I agree!! Let him finish first for once. Maybe he was tired too like this lady said.
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